Don’t part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live!!!

Maya means illusion in Sanskrit language and so was her nature too. People used to love her caring and friendly attitude.

She had no expectation from people ever as for her she loved people and to bring a smile on their face was kind of her selfishness as that gave her immense happiness.

As they say people who do good many times don’t get good things in life.

Maya had a bad marriage and hence now she was living all by herself. After work she used to spend time in writing poetry and supporting other forum and websites where she used to mingle with virtual people.

Maya’s magic touch was visible even in the virtual world as she had lot of friends who were giving feedback on her poetry or participating with her on the forums.

Maya was in real world a lonely soul. She never let this reality know to anyone at her work. She was scared if anyone will take advantage of her being alone. She was not even looking to date anyone as when she thinks of the problems she had, she feels she is better off.

Besides sitting in her room with her laptop Maya used to go for her long drives where she used to get a coffee with donuts from the drive-thru and just drive till she used to see a dead end.

One thing she was very sure about that every dead end is not dead as one can always take a U-turn and thats what she used to do. One day she was driving when in front of her a senior citizen lady just dropped a bag full of vegetables and fruits.

Maya couldn’t think much and had to put a sudden break to her car and she parked on the side and got out. She rushed to the lady and before doing anything she looked into the eyes of the lady and said, ‘are you okay?’

Lady: Without saying anything with shivering hands she pointed the vegetables and fruits which were all spread on the road.

Luckily there wasn’t a single traffic going around so Maya started picking the fruits and vegetables and started putting it in the bag. After that she asked the lady – ‘Do you want me to drop you somewhere?’

The lady pointed her finger to the nearest building and started murmuring something.

Maya felt the age of the lady and she took her hand and made her comfortably enough to walk to her car and sit inside. Maya slowly put the seat belt for the lady and assured with her hand I will drop you.

Maya came to her side of the seat and after putting the seat belt she drove towards the building that lady pointed.

 Maya reached and saw that building is known as Historic Victoria Hall Retirement  Home. Maya’s face dropped with a sigh. She looked at the lady and the lady started pointing at the same building. Maya got out of the car and took the lady and the bag full of vegetable and fruits. She walked towards the entrance of the building. The reception had a lady who welcomed Maya and the moment she saw the sr citizen lady, she screamed Mrs Johnson you weren’t supposed to step out of your room. Where did you go?
The lady started holding Maya’s hand very tightly as if she was scared of the lady receptionist.

Maya politely asked, does she belong here? If yes, then she would like to drop the lady to her room.
Maya was showed the room and they both slowly walked to the room. It was room number 7. Maya’s lucky number is 7 too and Maya took this as a sign.
She took Mrs Johnson inside the room and made her sit and gave the water from the jar that was kept on the table.

Mrs Johnson took Maya’s hand and kissed it and said ‘Thank you my dear’, if I am right my grand daughter should be of your age but my kids never came to see me as they think I am too old and too much hassle to take care.’

Listening to this Maya’s eyes filled with tears she went and hugged Mrs Johnson and said, ‘ I am your grand daughter how come you didn’t recognize me?’

Mrs Johnson’s eyes were twinkling with tears and smile on her lips.

Who said, Maya was alone? She created her family in that home with all the senior citizens who loved her back in return more than that she could handle!

You are alone until you think so you are ~ Dawn


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