Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere…!

They teach at home injustice is bad and one should fight against that. No matter to whom injustice happens, never sit and watch but raise your voice against injustice for anyone and everyone.

As human when we live in a community or society as within family it’s not always that everything has to be rosy and dandy. Things may not go the right way always for everyone. Similarly on a large scale when things happen differently to individuals or to a clan or community obviously someone will raise the voice for the injustice that is happening on them.

A leader is born out of misery and pain. If we think peacefully, why people go on protest such as hunger strike, or even the ones that our father of nation did as ‘dandi march’, ‘namak satyagrah’, protesting against the Britishers, any such event takes it’s against one or the other injustice that is taking place around the world.

Naxalites, who are they? Who created them? Where do they come from? They are all born inside us. Everyday one or the other person is naxal – fighting against something or the other. Those who suffer only they know in reality what it is to be treated differently and not give them the equal status in the society.

Reading about Sheetal Sathe, gives so much pain and agony that one cannot help on humanity grounds also. There are so many people around in the world who could be dangerous to the society in one or the other way and they are all living a peaceful life because they have power and money to support the system.
Those who don’t have these, they suffer in jail for raising voice against the government. What was their fault? They protested through poetry. Is that why Sheetal Sathe’s baby will be born in the jail in an unhealthy and unhygienic condition?

This is shame and inhumane to treat a human so brutally.

Pain and agony inside and outside
I live only to have justice beside
You torture me, you threaten me
You try to take my flesh out of me
The song of my suffering taking ride
To let the world know my side
Many lives have gone from time to time
I will also drown in one way or the other
Hey people who watch me and listen to me
Make sure you play this song of my plight
To every ear that you see around
Let the dawn bring that justice
Not for me  Not for you But for all!

~ Dawn


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