When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy… :)

Meeting poets from all across the world is like drinking wine from different regions and places. The essence is same though the taste may differ yet, you get that joy and excitement as you meet them, listen to them and know them.

So far I have met poets from Northern India and from USA and Canada. One common thing among all is that they all are dreamer and connect with reality, whether it is pain, happiness or even naughtiness it all comes in the form of words and expressions out so clear that any reader or listener will walk through the poet in those paths.

Today I happen to meet Prof Madhusoodanan Nair – who is a renowned poet, scholar and teacher, well accepted nationally and by Keralites everywhere in the world. I have heard his poetry in Malayalam through my dear friend Vinod.

One thing I always realized and experienced is that, poetry no matter in what language it is, anyone who is close to earth, mother nature can relate to it and understand it.

It was a nice meetup organized by community members where we got to hear the poet as what inspired him to write certain poems and what are his thoughts with related to today’s generation and the life of NRI’s (Non-Residents of India).

Every poet gave importance to teaching the language to the new generation – which I so mesmerize as I remember poet Dr Waseem Barevely who also preached and showed the steps that he has taken to bring the importance of language Urdu.

Love to feel the nature, and as I was listening to these things I so felt thankful for being close to mother nature where I am spending more time to see the clouds and feel them as what they are saying and at the same time at night looking for my beloved Moon who is mostly surrounded by the stars… and so many other things which keeps the stress away from me.

Life is worth if you can still feel those words which the poet was reciting, it gave me goosebumps and when I feel the air while driving back home with that thought in mind… Life is beautiful indeed.

I felt it was worth listening to poems in Malayalam by the poet himself who has written it. It amazes how a poet’s thought lingers in mind and the processing he/she goes when the outcome comes out, everyone relates to it in their own way as they have experienced life differently.

An awesome, thoughtful evening….!

“Poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world, and makes familiar objects be as if they were not familiar.” ~ Percy Shelley

~ Dawn


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