You only get better by playing… ;)

Power to woman, has always inspired me and thrilled me somehow. Not to be prejudice or so but growing up in a society where you keep seeing men dominating most of the part of the fields…some of these women such as Jhansi Ki Rani – Laxmibai, Phulan Devi, Kiran Bedi all these women are an inspiration for me in one or the other way.

The sheer courage to face their issues and deal with it has always taught me to be up there. You wont get any help, unless you take that first step to help yourself or to anyone else.

But at the same time power and freedom are such sweeteners that anything extra or less will have its own effects and consequences.

 But the power and freedom Cindy Blackman Santana has can never ever do any damage but only bring it more spiritual and energetic.
The first time when I saw last year playing drums with Jack Brice, John Medeski and Vernon Reid – it just thrilled me.

I have seen men dominating in this field and when a woman showed up – boy that was it for me – unable to describe the happiness in words, yet the freedom with which she shows her power on those drums is incredible and sexy.

Allison Miller was another one who was terrific and brilliant from Boston. I had thought there will be a competitive drumming between Cindy and Allison  – but I guess it would have been a war on stage with two such strong women on the drums – very humble and down to earth nature yet, is what brings the true artist in them.

Yesterday night was one of those moments where I could feel the energy and the freedom – Music is one field where power with freedom will never hurt anyone. It can only create magic moments.

Thanks Cindy and Allison for being an inspiration!

~ Dawn

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