Thank You 2013… For bringing me from Myth to Reality !!!!

Dear Friends,

Today I am writing this post to thank the almighty (if he is there or to that super natural power).

The year 2013 started with many shocks and doubts for me. Yes, I always boast about my Healthy family and my healthy history and hence I know I will not be stuck by any other disease but the only rare ones such as AIDS (due to some blood transfusion or so) or Cancer.

Having a bloating stomach for couple of months made everyone at home wonder if I am having another baby. When this started getting noticed at home by everyone, the suggestion from my then visiting mom-in law was to show to a doctor and get it checked up.

I felt that’s a good idea since I was having issues with some of my dresses that I always wore and my trip to my Gynecologist was seemed the perfect time to discuss as I was not sure what or why bloating is happening.

Discussing with doctor brought so many ifs and buts of situation that she suggested me to have a ultra sound and I am still not sure the report depicted exactly about the uterus size and details on that but nothing called out as an issue.

I was told by my doctor that I am suffering from Endometriosis and Edenomyosis… quite interesting name or rather serious disease names, right?

I wondered, what the hell is going on within me? I had asked my family and relatives if they had any such problems and I always had a NO answer!

As days were going on and my visit, the doctor was brainwashing me to ultimately do a surgery – Yes, according to her I should get rid of my uterus since I don’t need any kids .. aha! sorry, but I believe in science yet I believe in our creation. Yes, whatever is not needed it can be removed naturally why do a surgery? If after having kids uterus was not needed by women then nature should have a way to get rid of it… this strong feeling and belief didn’t allow me to go blindly on doctor’s suggestion.

One thing I had made sure was if its cancerous or not…and the results were negative…! I decided, no matter what I will do what my heart and body says to me. After all, the doctors are also human being, Yes… they are not God!

I googled and tried to understand this issue and started reading lot of material on it. I changed my diet, I became Vegetarian and then Vegan and then Vegan but ate fish and all those trial and error method that  I did in Chemistry lab, it was time with myself to do.

Though my doctor suggested the treatment which was I felt was less harmful than surgery and hence used the Nu-Va ring.

One thing I want to call out here is when any one says you have such and such issue, psychologically you get impacted first… and then every other issues seems to be the reason for this one.

Yes, friends for my gut feeling I decided to change my doctor and get a second opinion…this time with a doctor who is actually specializing on Endometriosis… and guess what? The test that needs to be done to even detect whether this issue exists or not – HASN”T been done…and yet I was getting treated!

Yes, and let me tell you when I had asked the previous doctor about the issues of using Nu-Va ring, she said no issues, you might feel you are putting on weight but on scale you will not see any change.
It was actually wrong! I could see my weighing scale showing weird numbers which I also started suspecting… anyway to long story to be short… I do not have any issues.

My GI detected its certain food that causes bloating so watch what you eat and today I am so happy to tell you that 2013 gave me a jerk but that was like a roller coaster ride…at the end when I got down out of the ride… I felt good and peaceful.

One message to all my readers… Do not blindly believe in what your doctor says as they are also human being… listen to your body as it speaks to you all the time…Do Not Ignore… and when needed take the right decision as only you know what it is than anyone else…

I want to thank 2013 and say happily Goodbye, for bringing all the happiness like a Santa coming home and giving me all the peace, happiness and loads of love in return as Gift 🙂

~ The best feeling in the world is realizing that you’re perfectly happy without the thing you thought you needed 😉

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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