Moments are to be Happy ;)

Re-positing as one of my long time reader and friend reminded me of this one today… I had lost some data on my blog and hence its back here again 🙂 Thanks for the reminder…!
I remember I got the Perfect Poet Award on this one by the Poetry blog team.

It was a rainy day 
As clouds were crazy 
Wild and ready to prey 
Sun the naughty one 
Playing his game on the way 
Chilly wind making two hearts 
Close by to be cozy on the day 
Hot sip of coffee and the chillness 
Had to merge like a ray 
The gestures and the silence 
Chirping noise of the birds 
Exchanging lot of words 
That one couldn’t hear yet 
Leave you on your way 
With lot of lingering thoughts 
As I drove my car 
Haunting words and the sky 
Taking deep into the dusk 
As if it’s going to rain 
When I ask myself – 
‘Why think and be stressed? 
Moments are to be happy 
Enjoy the journey 
As the sunsets 
For a new dawn to come 

 ~ Dawn

One thought on “Moments are to be Happy ;)

  1. Thanks Fiza ji… for re-posting this award winning poem.

    All lines are beautifully expressing your depths of imagination.



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