I believe the first test of a truly great human is in their humility …

Yesterday we all reached one by one at the Salt Lake City airport from different parts of the world. It was amazing to see how virtually connected people get more close when they meet you in person. Life cannot get better if we as human can be nice and kind to each other.

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Since many of them are coming from different country, USA residents offered to drive the rental cars and I was amazed and surprised that I was driving a minivan which was a first time for me.
Great drive from Salt Lake City to Delta- Utah, where besides the scenic roads rain was a relief to the heat.
Along with my group members, we reached safely to our hotel. It was nice to connect and regroup with everyone as soon we are going to be rocking with our mission.

Today was day 1 of the Good Gig and everyone was pretty excited to see how the day is going to unfold for us. Delta Utah, is a small town with close community ties, where people take care of each other which gave a feeling of India when I was growing up as a kid.
People cared for each other and that resonated here too in Utah.

Our day was scheduled with plans but while we were there on our activities things always got changed for the good. The best I liked was that we were spending time with the Millard School District members and faculties who strived through to make digital divide for their children.
The way people came together to support our presence here is incredible, special service, cooked food by the technical director who made sure he met everyone’s needs such as those who are vegetarians, or non-onion eating and meat lovers – everyone was taken special care and hospitality.

The amazing part was that for cooking this dinner people who are on summer vacation showed up and some of the officials drove from far to welcome us along with the local press.
I felt as we live this fast pace life in cities, people here in small towns are much more connected with the community, they enjoy life even though there may not be too many options however they eat healthy food. Nice dinner cooked in Dutch oven on charcoals was something always made me very special as it’s the natural way of cooking which makes the food much tastier and healthy.

There’s lot of dreams that they have planned for their children, however they don’t know how we will meet those yet, a ray of hope for them was we as a Good-gigs team.

I learned a lot about the people of Utah, the mormons, the humble and down to earth people who kept on thanking us for coming all the way to Delta to help setting up with technology and support with training for their teacher initiators.
It was amazing to see how the School Superintendent personally came and asked me where I am originally from and how did I come this far… I gave a glimpse of my adventurous move and it made him excited as we were about to leave and he said, ‘we need to continue this discussion further…’ and the best was that he remembered each and everyone’s name and shared with me his Indore, India trip to me as well.

The kind of gratitude and humbleness in the Millard School District people I saw was something very touching and emotional for me. I felt like giving them a hug and cry.

“There is nothing better on this earth than a soul that you can connect with on every level”

~ Dawn


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