Take the journey, soar like an eagle, there are so many roads to explore so little time…

Everyday is a new day! It’s not just a saying, but indeed it is true!
I have been driving almost 20 years and never got into any accidents, yes something I would say I am cautious about. It’s not that others are not, but I often make sure and remind myself about defensive driving. Hence, I try to maintain the distance whether it is in front of my car or behind.

I have many times given indications through my rear view mirror to back off when they are too close to me. No matter how much we are in hurry, we will reach along with everyone because we all are part of this game when we are on the road.

“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed” ~ M.K. Gandhi


This is my daily commute to and fro from home to office and office to home. These days you can’t do anything about the traffic and hence it is better not to get too stressed on the road. I try to listen to songs or NPR news which keeps my mind off the traffic stress.

And yesterday was supposed to be a similar day like many other days for me, until when I felt my car was hit. Yes, we often think if one car has to hit the other then either one of the car or both has to get damaged only then it’s a real accident. But I think the shock to your mind and heart that stirs-up the whole weird feeling.

It was nice that we both exchanged our information so we can reach to our insurance company but something like this on the busy highway is not a good feeling that you are left behind with…!

The thought keeps coming back and the scene keeps reminding of what if it would have been worse than this.


These days no matter how safe you try to be, your surroundings may not allow you to be sometimes.
We all look on the sides when we see cars stopped because of accidents and still I see people speed until they pass these cars.
Sometimes I see how people cut you on the way and try to swing through one end to the other end of the lanes to reach faster, and yet sometimes I catch them at the ‘stop’ signs or traffic lights where we both are at the same place, even though the other person was trying hard to race to reach their destination.
The only fun part is sometimes our time decides our destination not we 🙂

Happy that it ended this way, where no one had any physical injuries, but what isn’t seen shouldn’t be neglected either!!!

“Every flower blooms at a different pace” ~ Suzy Kassem

~ Dawn


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