Happy 19th Birthday Rhea


This day when I think of, it makes me feel so proud of you because I never had so much strength as I had at that time.

I am not talking about any labor pains or delivery push and struggles because I never had one.

The circumstances and the situations that brought me to deliver you and that too when all the doctors in Canada said this is going to be a normal delivery and that too on April 17. That date was the only truth I believe but rest was all new and sudden. I remember how my mom feared my death in this whole caesarean operation for delivering you.

I always feel it was you who made me a courageous woman that you were born, and I found a friend in you.

“A mother is a daughter’s best friend”


My idea of having a daughter was more or less because I know how to raise a daughter I think, and more over my lessons were from my mom in which I was going to do some addition or deletion in the manner she raised me and that’s all I did. My mom made sure that I always understood what it means to be living with financial independence and how to take care of yourself. There were things that my mom never discussed openly with me and I don’t blame her because it was her upbringing and the culture in which she got raised made her do so.

“There is nothing as powerful as mother’s love and, nothing as healing  as a child’s soul”

But I adapted those things which she didn’t do and tried to imply with you, so you have awareness. I believe things can be different if we are aware of it and so we can at least have options otherwise we are like lost souls and hesitant to ask anyone.

I feel proud looking at you because when I was 19, I was doing what I want to do, and I was very adamant about it. This confidence always was supported by my parents and hence I never felt anything about my growing up. I wish the education system that I was growing in was like how we have in America because I would have chosen what I am enjoying today in my career, that’s the only regret that I couldn’t dive into technology. When I look at you feel so good that you moved around with your thoughts and when the time came you made that change for yourself and look you are part of the STEM movement 😊, I am very proud mom for that reason as well.

“Never forget that I love you. Life is filled with hard times and good times. Learn from everything you can. Be the woman I know you can be.”

Besides all these academics and career paths, your dedication, hardworking always makes me feel that I don’t have to worry about you in life now. You know your stuff and if things happen you know how to get out of it because we learn from our mistakes and grow much wiser.

As always, I tell you, love people, be respectful and treat everyone equally. There will be times when some may not deserve that but think about it that they might have different reason for their situation. Be careful and always take care of yourself and do not forget you have a loving brother who always misses your love which you often hide from him by not expressing.


Happy 19 Rhea, life is good, and you will meet lot of good people in life. Be strong and stand for yourself because if you will not then who will? Never think you’re alone in this, always look at it as an opportunity to make that first impression and nail it.

With love your mom

~ Dawn


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