Let go of wanting things…!



Denis Diderot lived in poverty all along,
He got a fortune at the age of fifty two,
He went crazy bought a scarlet robe,
It was so beautiful looked out of place,
No more coordination  no beauty,
Between his robe and rest of the items,
He bought some new things to match,
Changed his rug, bought beautiful sculptures,
And a better kitchen table too,
Bought a new mirror to place above the mantle,
New leather chair and what not,
The whole thing became Diderot effect!
We end up buying things that,
Our previous selves never needed one,
To be happy or fulfilled one,
We all do this in our lives,
Life has a natural tendency,
To become filled with more,
Do we ever look to downgrade?
To simplify? To eliminate? To reduce?
Human natural inclination is always
To accumulate, to add, to upgrade, to build upon,
Avoid the habit triggers at first place,
Buy items that fit your current system,
Set self-imposed limits,
Buy one and give one,
Let go of wanting things,
Fill life with optimal amount of things,
Let Diderot’s example teach all of us!
~ Dawn

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