Think and reflect upon


No matter where we land
No matter what we hand
There is a way of expression
One can look and feel around
A speedy racing time-bound
Like a machine human kind
Went so far that recent times
Covid and it’s game surrounds
In no matter of time in sea or land
It kept everyone isolated and
Made them slow-down
Making everyone wonder
And think and reflect upon
No matter where you come from
No matter who you are friends with
No mater who knows you and
What you carry in stock or hand
Rich or poor, Big or small
No matter what you eat or wear
Covid has nothing to care
Not even country you belong
Treats all as one and embraced beyond
Telling to stop and think hard
A moment it gave to reflect upon
Small things that could bring peace
Small place that could keep you safe
A place to shelter and eat and live
But look at the bad luck haunts there
What the homeless do to deserve it?
He has no shelter, no home to stay
But to wander for safety like a caveman!
~ Dawn

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