A visitor came home…!

The day started a bit early today,
Can’t keep a track of day or date,
When I look at the computer for time,
It’s always afternoon or evening time,
When someone says ‘lunch’ at home,
Its time for lunch I remember then,
Since, everyone staying home for safety,
Everyone eating healthy too is a game,
With fruits and vegetables as smoothie,
I was enjoying the lunch and meeting,
When a little grey pigeon showed up,
They sat, cleaned, tried to get my attention,
As soon I looked at, they said to me:
“Hello, neighbor how are you?
I don’t see you around these days!”
Tears rolled out of my eyes on that question,
A visitor came home and asked about me?
Isn’t that amazing on such a corona times?
If it’s social distancing then here we are,
The pigeon gave company through lunch time,
I am blessed for the visitor to come home,
And show some empathy and gala time!
~ Dawn

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