We can’t socialize the doctors without socializing the patients…!

Socializing is a fundamental necessity for humans. We have always socialized as human nature cannot do without it. Everything is a privilege and that this pandemic has shown to all of us.

When we all were stay at home and in many countries lockdown was laid out where you cannot go out, cannot socialize, you get out only at certain time for groceries and doctor’s appointment, that too not as a family because of covid – world came to a standstill. 

I don’t think we human ever thought will be restricted and will be stay put at home. One year with no socializing, no party, no meeting, not even a play date for kids, no girls night or dinner dates – people started thinking if world is going to end as some of them didn’t take these restrictions seriously and people still went ahead in some places to BBQ and party and they you hear in the news people died of covid. 

“The reality of society involves the socialization of certain unrealities.” ~ Jean- Paul Sartre 

One year and now after getting the vaccination for people who are 12 and above started slowly socializing but many were scared still. Some got used to stay at home, they got comfortable in their isolated world and hence don’t want to meet anyone and socialize, where as some went ahead to get back to the new normalcy which is meet your friends who are vaccinated, wear mask, use sanitizer, create a bubble but that also buzzed off because from that bubble even if one person goes and make another bubble it creates the risk.

Humans have learned to survive by socializing otherwise they will go crazy. All these mental health issues are because they are not able to interact with other people who are their closed ones, offices don’t have the same structure – you will not see anyone at the cafeteria or pantry section, people wearing mask and greeting which doesn’t even shows if you’re smiling while greeting, you have to maintain six feet distance and all these is causing a mental trauma and people are worried how long we will continue this way?

Children who have finished their elementary school and while getting into middle school or high-school they are online schooling and hence meeting their class friends and socializing and making friends that section is completely removed and got stuck online meet through Zoom, Skype and FaceTime. 

“In fact, the socialization gives us the tools to fill our evolutionary roles. They are our building blocks.” ~ Warren Farrell 

Some took advantage of these technology so that they can still be in touch however, many got mentally sick for realizing things are not going to be same as before now and this is causing depression and mental sickness.

Now, when people are meeting as a small family groups they have children who are less than 11 years old and hence are not vaccinated. Can you imagine the fear that the parents have? The child who didn’t get vaccine what must be going through their mind? 

We recently invited two families to our home for dinner. Kids are grown most of them except one who didn’t get his vaccination and the family all were wearing mask even when they entered our house. We were in dilemma, should we wear mask? or how do we want to do this? Because we all want the child to be safe and we don’t want to be the reason for any issues or sickness for that child. 

Finally, we decided let’s get to the backyard in the open and enjoy the time. We had adults in one area sitting and talking and another area kids started playing board games but one could see the child who didn’t get vaccination was kind of out of touch with socializing aspect. It is very difficult to get back to the normalcy that too the new normalcy where you want to meet with friends who are of your age and then you have to make sure you are socially distanced and yet be together – a very confusing situation for many.

Looking at the new normalcy and the need for sanity we should focus on various ways of physical distancing not social. It will be difficult to stay away from our contact for long time because we are extremely social beings.

Look for a reasonable and temporary use of technologies because that will never replace the need to see each other in person.

Create opportunities to meet with safety measure with a smaller community or group because as I mentioned people might be there who are suffering from isolation.

“It takes a village to raise a child” ~ An African proverb

Keep an eye on your kids as to understand if there is any change in their behavior, so as to help them and give that support they desperately need.

It’s a different time that we are living in and it is extremely important to take care of our loved ones and our neighbors and seniors who might be suffering in isolation and keeping a tab on them will definitely help.

Things have changed so much even though we all are social animals the time has come where we have to look for other avenues where we should be safe and yet not meeting people and be sane.

“Socialize with compassion, kindness and grace.”

~ Dawn


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