It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?

Time, no matter how much you try, it’s never enough! Have you come across when you feel you have so many things to cover in the 24 hours where you want to get your eight hours sleep and yet do all the things that you have prioritized? And work priorities are different by the way šŸ˜!

Well, I don’t remember growing up it was an issue that time. May be because I didn’t have too many things in my list – study, finish school homework, play and weekends, I will play again and read books and gardening time. These were all me time and giving bath to my pet dog was something weekly duty but I had enough time for everything that I felt a need to do. Times were good then I guess …!

As a kid I grew up to organize my work and I think that came to me easy because having both my parent working I have always seen them planning their work and prioritizing and getting it done on time.

“Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.” ~ Lord Chesterfield

Learning from the Military academy about value of time is something I learned to respect since I was a child. Reaching places on time is so important that even today I reach at a place five minutes before its time just to make sure that I am on time and not disrespecting others. 

But lately with pandemic, I felt I have so much time hence what I did was last year tried to complete few certifications for my personal development which helped me to play around with cloud and understand some of the technical features and tools to use and also how Machine Learning helps to ease the business but identifying the customer behavior. 

After a marathon of certifications, I felt its too much and I should also think of things that I always desired to do. One of them is hiking – being with nature and then, music. I love music and always wanted to play guitar as an instrument which drives me crazy when I listen to artists in Red Hot Chili Peppers bands or any for that matter – its how they play and aspire to be like that. No, I don’t have any dreams to perform, its for my personal satisfaction and enjoyment I want to learn this instrument. So I add that to my agenda, learning guitar which needs to be practiced every day….! Yes!!

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.” ~ Stephen R. Covey

Blogging, and podcast in Hindi, writing poetry in Hindi watching the bird in the backyard, photography and some of these things cannot be planned as you don’t know when you get to see a new bird in your backyard so those are spontaneous ones but still it takes up the time.

Over the period with all the other chores I have my personal aspirations that I have added to the list and I start adding them to my list where I have to manage with my time management and oh yeah did I mention about reading a book? 

When in management or at work, it is said eat the frog first meaning finish the difficult task first so that rest of your work you can do it peacefully and on time. But with your personal list of things everything is priority and of your favorite ones how you juggle with it? More over you have friends with whom you have to take time out for meet up, watch your favorite TV series, movies and all this happens in between!!!

These days in 24 hours, I work 8 plus hours at my job and then daily I do a four to five miles walk, during that time I am listening to podcast so it keeps me sane with awareness what’s happening in the world based on different topics, then in between I read work related on technology, I try to blog daily and record my daily Hindi Podcast, in between I cook as my husband also cook and that helps me to squeeze in some of the things that I like to do such as bird-watching, guitar practicing and I feel guilty that I started this year well and now I am slacking on my daily practice but then I make sure I do my basics on the chords.

“I must govern the clock, not be governed by it.” ~ Golda Meir

Indeed, it is tough but what has helped me to do things and manage my personal time is the list of things to do and checking them one by one but this is done in my mind. I think when you love about things that you like to do, you don’t have a set time table that you will only do for an hour or two. Yes, I used to wonder when people used to say twenty four hours is less and now I can see where they are coming from.

I religiously follow my eight hour sleep because that’s my childhood hobby and I love to continue that seems its good for your health too !!!

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” ~ Abraham Lincoln.

How do you manage your personal time? Do you think twenty four hours is not enough? Suggest me if I can do something different?

~ Dawn

Note: Now you can listen to the audio version of my blogs in Hindi on the UshaDawn Hindi Podcast on Google, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Check it out and new episodes uploaded every day 3 AM Pacific Standard TimeSHARE


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