Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer..!

 Today I am going to talk about friendship. How many of you talk to people once or twice at work or school/college and say I have a friend? Or how many of you have friends that you meet and greet, eat and go merry and say we are best friends ?

If you think seriously are they really your best friends? Who is your true friend? I know this is something only comes with experience because when you meet anyone and have good times, you assume you two are good friends and can hang out for life but then when you see certain wavelengths where you don’t match and then you think oh, I don’t think we can be together as friends. Life is so tough at times when you see that you have lot of people whom you know and who also know you but there is something missing. Sometimes, it’s the experience that you get and you will you were not understood well, or you were cheated in friendship.

Many times it’s those experiences that you realize you have a friend actually. I have such realization where I found a friend and I can talk anything with this friend and yet we can laugh at ourselves and be happy. Today, was such day where I had the chance to be with my friend. Sometimes, when you meet in a crowd you hardly get a chance to talk or should I say you only talk what everyone likes to hear.
“Things are never quiet as scary when you have got a best friend.” Bill Waterson
There is a big difference in that as what you like to talk versus what everyone likes to hear from you. I agree when everyone has something or the other going in their life, no one wants to hear any more anyone else’s issues. But when you meet you best friend with whom you can be open and share whatever you want to say and in this one on one meet, both of them opens their heart and share about good, bad, and ugly that’s happening in their life. 

When I say good, bad, ugly, it could be about health, or about one’s stress and yet how everything is under control. It’s someone to have a listening ear to you and just listen and not judge you in anyway or any manner.Friendship is not about just meeting, for the sake of meeting and taking pictures for social media, it’s much more than that.Having a talk about how things are going in life? Hows things at work? How about health of each other or family? If you’re a good friend you will always be happy to listen and nothing much is needed, that is friendship! If you have such a friend then preserve it and make sure you’re there for each other for life long.“The language of friendship is not words but meaning.” ~ Henry David Thoreau
~ Dawn

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