We make mistakes by accident or accidentally not on accident ..

Let’s talk about today’s Facebook, WhatApps and Instagram outage as everyone is talking about it anyway ..lol!

Usually, my morning starts with my alarm and then news after that. During the news I heard about Frances Haugen the ex-employee of Facebook how she leaked internal research details to Wall Street Journals. And I thought yet another scandal out. After the new hour was over, I went and got ready for my work. 

After finishing my breakfast I quickly got on to my office work and there after meetings. In between, I was sending a reply to someone who messaged me on messenger and the message didn’t go. Anyhow I moved on to WhatsApp as my parents wishes me greetings of the day, so I responded to them and a few to my college friends on the group and then I noticed, none of my messages are being delivered.

I thought it must be my internet but then that was working fine because my office laptop was working and I attended couple of meetings on zoom too. So I tried rebooting my phone and checked but no luck.

“That awkward moment when you accidentally hit the LIKE button during Facebook stalking.” ~ Hussein Nishah

I just got busy with work and my routine work continued, until I heard Facebook service outage and then I heard its their Domain Name System (DNS) that got messed up, which actually looks up for the IP address  for Facebook.com and brings the page up but later heard that the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) router is removed which actually connects the network with one another. 

Anyway this was the longest time when their service was down and how time is precious for businesses like this, yet seems Mark Z the lost six billion in personal wealth and yet what I heard is that this is a drop in the bucket for the Tech Crunch. 

“We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.”

One thing we all must learn from this is that nothing is permanent in this world and hence don’t get hooked on to anything, that’s about social media but in reality isn’t it the same that we come alone and we go alone from this planet and whatever we get through is acquaintances which we leave one way or the other.

Enjoy the time that you got off of the social media as time is precious at the end of the day!

“Detachment is an art of enjoying something while always being open to the possibility of losing it someday.” ~ John B. Bejo

~ Dawn


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