The art of conversation lies in listening..!

There are so many ways we express and these days there are so many ways that you can express yourself.

Here it is about talking, expressing yourself through words to someone. There are times when we talk, explain and make one another understand each other. It could be at work, at home or at any place that you can think of. These days people have emojis to express but then that doesn’t give you sufficient ways to express – say if you are happy you will say 😄 but why you’re happy you can express through that emoji can you?

“Speech is power: Speech is to Persuade, to convert, to compel.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Hence, talking and expressing is so important, but if no one listens to it then what’s the use of that talk or expression? I learned in a sales training that it is so important to listen. It’s not that before that I was not listening, I would listen to whoever is talking to me, whether my friends, my family or even someone who is fighting , still I will give an ear to it. 

“Freedom of speech should be wide open as long as it doesn’t incite violence.” ~ Mike Leach

I believe, one should listen to understand the issue, or scenario to come to any conclusion because otherwise it is called assumption and one shouldn’t make that because it will not lead you any where. Hence, listening to someone as what they are trying to say? If you still have doubt you can ask questions and get clarification but if you just stop listening and keep blabbering while the other person is talking then its a chaos monkey!!!

And when someone does that, you know they don’t want to listen and when they don’t want to listen means they are not willing to make any friendly approach towards what you are planning to share.
It’s very absurd when someone tells you that you talk but I am not going to listen. There is no point in saying even that you talk!

“The power of speech is the ability to express a lot in a few words.” ~ Plutarch

I had such experience but somehow I wanted them to listen what I had to say because it is very important to clear off any misunderstandings and I always believe one must get the opportunity to clear that off. No matter what, one must listen and then what you have to make a decision is up to you but make sure you clear your part either by talking or by writing because these days communication can be in many different ways. People send flowers and express their happiness and love so why not we listen if someone is talking to you?

“One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.” ~ Bryant H. McGill

I understand unnecessary talking becomes noise. When someone is explaining the situation or a question or an expression in what regards they started, that should help the person who is listening. Hence, a communication and a good conversation is very important between people and if there is no hope still a goodbye is a good closure to the topic but yes, you must say and listen to it too.
~ Dawn

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2 thoughts on “The art of conversation lies in listening..!

  1. Communication goes well beyond verbalization. It is more difficult with those of different persuasions because they have different expectations and may hear things selectively, i.e., supporting preconceptions. My wife and I, on the other hand, can speak volumes to one another from across the room with simple glances. Beside one another, we communicate clearly with one touch. But as you say, one must be tuned to that spectrum.

    • Yes, agree that spectrum I have experienced with my husband, my close friends and my parents – specially with my Dad, I don’t have to speak a word and this is on the phone (no face time or video call) and my silence gave him so much about me. It’s amazing how with some you don’t even have to speak and with some you just can’t get that even though you explain it as simple manner. Thanks for sharing your communication story 🙂 , Cheers !

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