The art of mankind is Cinema

I had the opportunity to watch the Indian Movie Thalaivii – a movie based on the life of Indian actress-politician: J. Jailalitha.

I don’t remember much about her actress days as I probably was not even born then. But I remember the time when her mentor and guide late MG Ramchandran – when he was unwell and died and on television the news was relayed. Those days, not much into politics as such but I remember when the Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated and those elements are mentioned in this movie as well so there’s a lot to connect from her political era and hence I was curious to see what all they show in this biopic movie.

“The role of cinema is to lead people in the right direction.” ~ Jayalalitha

I was disappointed! It showed her actress days and how she rise in her career and shine and how she is involved with her mentor, and guide that she followed MG Ramachandran  religiously. Also, how she got into politics, it all shows how smart she was in her time. To act when the iron is hot and to think ahead of the game was seemed like a skill that she had from the beginning.

Jayalalitha has done a lot for children and women while she was in politics and hence she was democratically elected so many times. The people of Tamilnadu were with her. I have heard many stories about her goodwill gesture towards the people.

“Challenges are the main reason for making up talent.” ~ Jayalalitha

The actors I was impressed was with Arvind Swamy as MG Ramachandran – what a getup it literally felt MGR is alive – very well captured and another character was Raj Arjun – what a classic actor, I got stuck looking at him as I remembered his face but couldn’t figure out for long where I have seen him and then remembered he was in the movie called Secret Superstar. I think he will go long way, amazing performance.

Another I wanted to call out was the artist chosen for Indira Gandhi as Flora Jacob and Rajiv Gandhi as Rajiv Kumar – I felt their get up was very close to the real characters. I was quiet impressed with the makeup man. One didn’t have to think who this character is in the story – that brilliant it was.

Kangana Ranaut’s get up as Jayalalitha was done very well too. I wish her voice was dubbed by someone else then probably we could forget Kangana and focus on Jaya. Anyhow, as the story moves slowly audience gets into the grove but I felt the story doesn’t have the grip. Though there’s such a potential in Jayalalitha as a character and her life – so much one can do but the story seemed like was kind of fast forwarded at times. At one point they just showed ten years later and I was wondering what happened before that?

“Education can be the answer to your question. But culture is an essential part of being a human.” ~ Jayalalitha

Similarly, the movie ended as soon as Jayalalitha because the CM of Tamilnadu though there’s more that they could have shown as what all Jayalalitha did to uplift the people of Tamilnadue and what all she did the children and women and how women used to feel free to walk even at night alone as she made sure it is safe for everyone.

I have great respect for Jayalalitha – a strong and unique in her own way and stood strong even though had tough time dealing with people who would take advantage of her.

Overall, okay movie it’s just that my expectation was high!

“Good or bad it depends on how you think about it.”  Jayalalitha

~ Dawn

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