It is our choices…that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities

I want to talk about bully! As far as I remember when I was a kid, there were times when I was bullied but we never knew there is something called bully. And even if you share it with someone that you’re being bullied, people will look at it as your inability to handle things of your own – so you have that pressure too. I remember when I was in first grade and there were these three kids who would scare me and just before lunch time they would sneak out my lunch box, eat everything and leave the lunch box near my desk. For many days I didn’t know who is doing that even. Anyhow, one day one of them teased me saying we are the ones who eat your lunch and you don’t even know till now. I was really very upset but didn’t had the guts to even react there. My Dad used to drop me to school every morning and evening I used to walk home with my neighbor. That day I went home and told my Mom about the lunch issue. My Mom was upset and I think she told my Dad, because next day when Dad was dropping me he straight asked me who are the kids that eat your lunch and don’t even ask you for? I gathered a bit of a courage when Dad was inquiring and I looked around, one of them was playing on the slide and I showed it to my Dad.

Dad straight walked with me towards the slide and the kid for some reason figured out and as soon my Dad reached there he asked the kid can I talk to you and the kid came and said sure. My Dad said, do you and your friends sneak my daughter’s lunch box everyday? The kid just looked down and my Dad said don’t do that. If you ask her she will definitely share with you and he left.I was scared wondering what will be the reaction and just like I expected, when all three came together they again came to me and said things and I heard they saying, my Mom is more stronger than her Dad and I will bring her tomorrow. 
“No one heals himself by wounding another.”
Anyhow, that first grade was terrible for me though I was a good student and was a favorite of all teachers. Those three kids were always trouble makers and were expelled what I heard.Anyhow, these kinds of things did happen in later part of the school and in High-school. I remember one of the classmate would be always trying to put me down – I never figured out what did I do to deserve that?
“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.”
When I am reading a chapter in my English class, I hear whispering how come she can read so well. When I get my test marks even though they have scored higher than me still they would be after me asking, how much did you get? and I would say, less than you.One time it so happened, very openly this classmate said when we grow up – I will be an engineer from a prestigious college, the other person will be a doctor since they want to do medicine and will have their own clinic, the third person will be a government officer as they aspire to be and when it came my turn, the person said, I will be a housewife cooking food. 
“I would rather be a little nobody than to be an evil somebody.”
I felt I was way matured by then because I didn’t get angry then instead smiled and said good at least someone will have to cook so that’s fine. Now when I think of it, makes me feel how much the person was jealous of me ? or hated me? but for what? I am never rude to this person even today but they always try to put me down all the time. The funny thing is cooking we all do and I am working too !
“Imagine a world where the words you speak appear on your skin. Would you be more careful of what you say?”
But what I want to say is that such things do make an impact on mind otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about this here on my blog after so many years…!
So friends, please don’t bully anyone and say NO to bully!!!! 
“You never look good trying to make someone else look bad.”
~ Dawn

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