It isn’t what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful, but what you have in your heart..!

It’s been a while since my last post on Halloween. I can say I was busy but I was busy mentally too. There were lot of things that were going on and even though I wanted to come and share here, it kept slipping to tomorrow and then you know how things happen.

It was my birthday on November seventh and but because of my sweet friends the celebration took place through out the month. I am just filled with gratitude and thankfulness for having such loving friends.Sometimes, blessings come in different packages, forms and shapes. Because right after my birthday I was given a free show ticket for Snarky Puppy by #SFJAZZ as I am one of their leadership circle member it was like a cherry on the cake. Such a blessing.

While all this was happening, I was making plans to go watch Bryan Adams performing live in Las Vegas. This was a dream come true for me as I grew up listening to Bryan Adam’s music and it was such a nostalgic moment when I heard him live in that same manner how I have heard his voice in cassettes those days.

One thing that people were talking about is that Bryan is sixty two years old and don’t know if we will get to see him performing – I have only one thing to say to them, he will sing even next year and next to that too. His voice, his energy everything was just like how it was when I was growing up listening to him. It was amazing to get a hi-fi from Bryan and then sliding away the hand saying see you inside the auditorium. I can’t say anything about that experience and happiness that I got from this legend.

When I was taking off for Vegas, I had so many things in mind, my emotions were gushing and rushing and after watching Bryan Adam performing live, I thought I have so many things to express and here I am so full of him that I am unable to put anything in words that will do justice to my emotions and feelings for re-living my childhood moments.

“Somethings are better when you experience it “~ Dawn 

After I came back from Vegas, it was thanksgiving dinner at our friends place and my gratitude has no limits. I take this opportunity to thank each one of my friends, family and my friends here.

Thank You, for the love.

“I have a lot to be thanksful for. I am healthy, happy, and I am loved.” ~ Reba McEntire

~ Dawn


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