I may regret the way we ended, but I will never regret what we had!

This is my first post of this year. New Year twenty twenty two as much I thought is exciting and hopeful, it just went exactly opposite and it’s only the first week of the New Year and I am terrified and sad because we had to put our dear and loving furry baby Reyna down yesterday (January fifth).

We rescued a five year old Cocker Spaniel female dog who comes from a puppy mill. As much we loved her, she also adopted us dearly. Slowly our life started revolving around her and we lived happily ever after until this New Year when she started having diarrhea and the Vets couldn’t figure out what it was as all the blood reports came normal and x-rays didn’t show anything concerning and in days she lost so much fluid from her body that we had to take her to emergency.

We tried our best to get her cured but in the ultrasound the Vets found gut disease which is incurable and hence surgeries would not help either and hence putting her down in sleep peacefully was a decision that probably I have taken in my life for the first time.

Yes, tough decisions sometimes bring the results immediately and may be good in the long run but probably has a bigger impact.

Life will go on but it will never be the same without Reyna the queen of our family.

“But nothing makes a room feel emptier than wanting someone in it.” ~ Calla Quinn

I am hoping time will heal my family and we will rebound back.

Let’s see what else is stored in twenty twenty two!!!

I hope the world becomes safer for everyone around.

~ Dawn


2 thoughts on “I may regret the way we ended, but I will never regret what we had!

  1. I suspect the world will not become safer this year; that does not seem to be the trajectory. We put down our beloved Heathcliff this last year. He was a 110-pound Black Lab, probably Great Dane mix. Then we went to the shelter to pick out Carole’s first dog, she said she wanted something small and manageable, but she fell in love with the sweet, galumphy pooch that came straight up to her and looked into her eyes. I told her that other dogs needed homes, and we should honor Heathcliff’s memory by rescuing another one. Cato is 75 pounds, a high-energy, very lanky Australian Shephard probably Greyhound mix. As I write, Cato sleeps by the fireplace just below my writing loft. This year may not be safe for everyone, but we can make the most of it. God’s blessings in the new year.

  2. Thank you❤️. Are you suggesting rescue another one? I hear your point of view… So far I was thinking this is it. As it’s painful but you’re showing some light. I will think about it.. wishing you all to be safe and healthy🤗
    Take care

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