Some moments to cherish…which vibrates the strings of heart..!

Ever it happened to anyone…like I heard a ghazal and I liked it so much that I quickly wrote down the first couplet ..thinking that it will be easier for me to find the whole ghazal….am still looking for it…it is..

“Rehata nahi hey chaand kabhi chaandani se dur
Kya aap reha sakenge meri zindagii se dur? “

{Like the moonlight is never away or parted with moon, will you be able to live parting me?}

something like this it says…I am just trying to put forth the meaning though I might not be able to bring the essence with which the poet might have wrote…Ifind it very touching…and hence I asked one of my friend to find this for me…he couldn’t get it but he gave me another song…which is like this…

Bikhri huyi narm si……..
chandni lehron ke ghar ja rahi…..roshni
lamha lamha
lamha lamha
choo rahi hain sard hawayein
tanha tanha lag rahe hain apne saye…..
yaad aaye koi……
Bikhri huyi narm si……..
chandni Shabnam shabnam raat mein,
sapne humare nam huye Bheenge sapne dekh ke,
chand sitare kam huye
Ab sabhi ke dil mein ek hi betabi
Ek hi bekhudi….. Bikhri huyi narm si……..
chandni Madhoshi hai mehki huyi,
khushboo ye kiski aa rahi dil ke mausam ko
huyi meethi meethi bechaini ab yakeen hain dhadkanon ko
sab ye nishani bas tere pyar ki…
Bikhri huyi narm si…….. chandni

It is a IndiPop album sung by Arnab Chakravorty…can be heard at this link..;) I really enjoyed it…hope you too my belief is music is something which has no boundaries..of cast creed…or language 🙂Â


4 thoughts on “Some moments to cherish…which vibrates the strings of heart..!

  1. I will listen to it. Hey, you have a very nice blog. All those pictures are really great. Along with those poems and thought provoking questions. Keep it up. Thank you for visiting my blog :). Please come back again.

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