One time bath in a week ..because of very busy study schedules lol!!!! Posted by Hello


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  1. Hahahaha…very nice pic…Dawn Ji you can write a book <>“101 Places to Take a Bath”<> .. 😉 you only need 100 more places to add to ur collection 😛 (mazaak kar rahe hain)Great collection of songs and Ghazals…couple of them are rare gems….not too often we get to listen them such as Kabhie Kabhie(Amitabh Version) and Razia Sultan Track Aaye Zanjir ki Jhankaar khuda Khair kare. Good work. …thanx

  2. hahaha guys…if we need a bath tub..don’t they deserve something equal if not better 😉Thanks for ur comments & yes Chacha…thanks for liking those songs..Bacchan uncle is our fav..;) I of our school guy ran away from home coz his dad didnt allow him to see Bacchan’s movie after the exam :)..that was a big lesson for all i guess parents n kids 😀

  3. Hahahaahaha kool pic, “One time bath in a week ..because of very busy study schedules lol!!!! “I hope u keep ur words and reduce the times of shower u take per week ;):)

  4. once in a week….YUKKKK!!Wat bout one in a month.😛If I dont take bath by 9:30 AM I start feeling some thing is missing. and SSSSHHHH!!!! don’t tell Don that am here to “steal” quotes from her blog. 😉

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