You are doing a beautiful thing!!!!

No guys!! that’s not me…:) but my day was really busy and I love it that way…some call me workoholic & some call me career oriented…but I say thats my passion!!!

Though I enjoyed the day but am sure I ruined someone else’s day lol …I had this call from a real estate agent …probably he was making his cold calls & I was so engrossed in my analysis & cost benefit assesment that when this guy started selling me this listed house…I got so………..mad…all I could say is…am at work and I am NOT interested!!!!!!!!! and I hang up on him..suddenly I realized I do have four other cubicles beside me (oops!) hahaha I was smiling but rest all were silent (lol)!!!

Later, I felt I could have said that with a calm temperament as well..isn’t it? But then I started justifying myself….he should understand you don’t call people at work at such hour of the day n sell a house ..on the phone gosh!!!blah blah blah!!!!! Everyone has there day I guess…

A promise is all about faith;)
A promise is only as strong as your own faith in your own self, in your own god.
So when you swear, in light of your strengths and inspite of your weaknesses, to struggle and follow through…
You are doing a beautiful thing 😉

Is that a better way to end my day…;) I guess so I can try !!!!


3 thoughts on “You are doing a beautiful thing!!!!

  1. Ah! I wish I were like you :(:(. If I am in a middle of anything, I would do anything (like talking to that real estate) to take a break :(:(…

  2. Annoying very annoying..but I dont think you should feel guilty or the salesperson should feel bad. If someone makes an unsolicited call then he/she should be prepared with getting that kind of attitude…but what I’ve heard you still sound polite 😉Bottom line is…u enjoyed your day. I always wonder, when people say good morning..I go…whats good about this morning…I am a day older, thats not a good morning. It used to be a good morning when I was in my teens a couple yrs ago 😉 hahahaha waiting to be an adult so my parents couldnt tell me u have to be home by 9PM young man. Now I miss that sentence…wish people can still call me young man 😛

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