"A mother understands what a child does not say."

Today is Mother’s Day, and I felt from my heart that this day’s blog… I should dedicate to mothers :). Initially, this was only a North American concept or culture to celebrate…at least thats what I thought…and I used to find strange and infact used to make fun as only one day for that mother who takes care of u ..whole life…even if you are married or..old…that mother is always praying for her child’s happiness…! One day is too less!!

One life is not enough to pay gratitude for what a mother has done…, how come one day would do…I remember the stories that as a child I used to hear… how the guy asked for his mother’s heart for his girl friend and mother happily gave it and when he was rushing he..fall down and from the heart of his mother a voice came asking…”R u ok my son” …that is what a mother is!!!
I felt that many times our mothers are taken for granted and hence this day I make sure I at least take time to say “Thank You” for everything that she has done for me….if I am at certain level of my life or career its all because of her teachings…its the culture that a mother gives …its what you inherit and share it with the world…..!!!!

Yesterday, I got a very nice gift…a full book of poetry written by Sarojini Naidu. As a child I had read so much about her ..infact she was known as Nightingale of India…and hence I am going to share one of the poetry of hers…here…
To My Children

GOLDEN sun of victory, born
In my life’s unclouded morn,
In my lambent sky of love,
May your growing glory prove
Sacred to your consecration,
To my heart and to my nation.
Sun of victory, may you be
Sun of song and liberty
Limpid jewel of delight
Severed from the tender night
Of your sheltering mother-mine,
Leap and sparkle, dance and shine,
Blithely and securely set
In love’s magic coronet.
Living jewel, may you be
Laughter-bound and sorrow-free

I thank the friend who gave this beautiful gift 🙂
Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!
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8 thoughts on “"A mother understands what a child does not say."

  1. A very touching post, Dawn. Almost made me cry. I don’t know about other, but yeah it’s true for me that I take my mother for granted. Your post is reminding me to give her a call sometime soon. Thanks for the nice post, reminding me and the lovely poem of Naidu.

  2. Everyday is Mothers day…But guess in North America they celebrate Mothers day just as a reminder for the people who have forgotten their mothers. KL -Please do as often as you can.

  3. kl: believe me when u give that call just hear the happiness in her voice…am sure u will b glad…I often do..:) & often did when I was with them..somehow I am very emotional when it comes to them. am glad…my post worked for u 🙂 lots of hugs to u dear!Thank u all…& sophia 😀 u r just cute 😀

  4. Very touching dawn ji 🙂Thnxz for such a wonderful post,may everyone care for their mothers 🙂 as they r the one who cares for us the most ,Tabish sahab nay maoun k piyaar ko biyaan kartay howay kya khoob kaha hai kay:<>Ek muda’at say meri maa.n nahi sowi tabishMain nay ek baar kaha tha mujhay dar lagta hai<>

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