At the end of the day – Pray!!!

Today was my first day of training for PM. I was late…:( there were two accidents on the highway…there wasn’t much one dodge van touched the other truck…and the whole traffic is jammed…I don’t understand in rush hour why people are prepared to see such scenic view…why cant they conc. on there driving..& let the cops do there job….I was late 15 mints…:( ….I reached there but was not able to be aligned…with the group but for my goodness…the lady didnt start …she was just giving background…so phew…bach gaye!!! πŸ˜‰

Well…I maintained a good repo with the trainer by staying back in the 15 mints break as the coffee & snacks were provided..& I needed that caffenie so badly ;)….so I thought to enjoy that & talk with the lady as well…killing two birds with one stone kinda thingy;)

She got to know my background and it was good as rest of the session she used all my project management world experience which gave me a good understanding…but guess what…through out I was tensed about giving exam….:( I have to prepare so much and then want to give it soon so that I don’t waste time …but then my vacation is in the middle …aaah!!!! don’t know…mind was not at one place….I was thinking too much….probably…then I called my life line πŸ˜‰ friend hahahaha this time different friend who means a lot to me…when this friend said you can give once you are back from your vacation…I kinda relaxed…..:) …how come I didn’t think of that…but you know guys…I am actually in desperation to finish this task…so one time I thought of cancelling my vacation…but then am sure my mom will feel bad & sad…how can I do that..:)

Actually, I need to write this certification before sep 30th….guys pray for me please!!!!!!!!!!! as I am doing it every day…when I go to bed…god please help me!!!!

“I have to get up on the right now, in the right key, then I sing the right song all day”
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8 thoughts on “At the end of the day – Pray!!!

  1. You are getting trained for PM – PM of India or Canada ;););)??? Seems like your exam in in September. So, come on, relax. It’s many months away. And, of course you can take some reading material on your vacation and read :):). Ok, we’ll pray πŸ™‚

  2. What they say…Where’s the will there’s the way.:) ..Cant beleive a multi talented woman like you can be depressed, come on Dawn thats not you. ;-). Once Allama Iqbal said:-<>Yaqeen mohkam amal paihaum muhabbat fateh-e-alamJihaad-e-zindagani mein yehi hain mardon ki shamsheerein.<>hmmmm a training for PM πŸ˜› PM bole to Post Marriage πŸ˜‰KL you said exactly what I used to do and my brother still do it. Everytime I used to go home I bring my books along and take em back un-opened. Same thing my older brother still do everytime he come visit us he bring his books with him..havent seen him reading except once or twice. hahahahaha.

  3. Mirza ghalib u r gone now, our dawn is soon going to be converted in to a real ‘DON’ after she reads ur reply hahahahaha hopefully hum apko daranay mai kamiyaab ho gaye hongay lolzz magar baat sari ye hai k ye Dawn ji aur depressed word Inversly propotional hai , she can never be depressed u knw b’cz she her self is luv as i have said in my replies before πŸ˜€Actually she said “desperation” not depressed ;)aur haan dawn ji hamari duaon mai tou aap hi aap hoti hain sou hamay tou aap kahein hi na πŸ™‚

  4. My apologies…let me rephrase this….Cant beleive a multi talented woman like you can be tensed….;-) Gumnaam ji….should I run for cover or buy a big insurance policy???? πŸ˜› suggestions are always welcome πŸ˜‰

  5. kl: dear…PM of india or Canada…one doesnt need to pass exam…just b manipulative..calculative…n so forth…if no one votes …just get into the seat n say am pm πŸ˜‰ this is Project Management darling:)Thnx for the prayers…pls do..but dont tell me to take books on my vacation 😦mirzhaghalib & gumnaaaaam: I guess you both have settled the matter lol…no need me to get in there πŸ˜‰ BUT…whos this Don πŸ™„unaiza nasim: dear…its not me…here ppl have tendency…if opposite side traffic has some accident they like to watch the site scene n so they hold the traffic…and we have to drag ours behind them….today also one beer tractor trailer…met with accident and the whole road was spilled with beer…guess what our side of traffic…got delayed …coz ppl were more keen to look at the other side of the traffic..:)am a safe driver …;) Thnx for ur concern dear!

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