One ought to be just before one is generous

I read this quote and I was wondering how true it is :

“Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you”

And believe me it’s a great feeling when you see around people who really care for you and suggest you the best! Often we drag ourselves into so many things that we forget or get distracted from the main focus and ultimate fact and its happiness in one’s life….and when someone else tells you …its like a great sense of relief …as wow! this is what I wanted to hear…and so truly they help you in understanding as what you really need 🙂

I might be saying what is just randomly coming in my thoughts…but believe me when I get the feeling that someone even starts caring as to begin with just ‘C’ of the word care…it means a lot to me…as my Dad used to tell me…always value people 🙂 and hence I always love his teachings…:)
“What’s done to children, they will do to society “
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6 thoughts on “One ought to be just before one is generous

  1. hey..thats so posts… straight from the heart.. i too belive in the saying that “You can only give what you have or what you have recd”

  2. I wrote this comment yesterday (I think you were still writing your blog as your blos was only showing the quotation) and submitted. But, somehow it disappeared :(. So, writing again:Hmm…I’m also wondering. It’s true that we should always give freedom, independence, breathing space to pursue their own dreams and ideas to our loved ones. But that doesn’t mean we should allow them to do whatever they like even when we see they are going down a wrong/bad path. For instance, if my loved ones start taking drugs, then I should try to interfere in her/his life to show her/him the correct path. Keep on writing whatever comes to your mind. It’s always nice :).

  3. puneet: thnx for the visit and kind comments. do hang around!kl: dear…u took it to some other level :D…not that u r saying anything wrong 😉 yes ofcourse when my kids will go that way i will definately be tht interferring mother LOL hahabut here it was about myself…I have a dream…i discuss with my friends and they do help me in making that decision as they understand me as well my dreams and analyze my capabilities at the same time being the audience…where as ‘I’, sometimes spend too much time thinking on possible risks…which is good but sometimes u need to take make that decision and friends help a lot 😉Thanks, for ur kind words and yes…for re-writing it 🙂:hail:

  4. Dawn — the quote in orange is SO true (subject to the discussion above, of course). It has taken me years to reach the point of having no expectations… it is such a feeling of freedom! And your Dad sounds like like a very wise man.

  5. Dave: thanks so much …for me my Dad is the ideal and when u says so about him…I feel so so proud !!!My dad often used proverbs instead of scolding…he always uses less words but very effective…and right from childhood..his teachings were showing results..instantly…and hence I always followed his path…some says me that I shouldn’t be living in this era 🙂 as my thoughts are so…immaterialistic and for the people, with the people..but at the end..I have peaceful sleep at night ..thats what I care about 🙂I will definately talk abt u to my Dad:)

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