Never meet trouble half-way!!!!!

Aah! Am back..:)… well.yesterday I started my journey at 6.45 a.m. towards Bombay so that I can reach the airport early and collect my baggage and return back on time 😉

The journey was pleasant :)…I was reading the News Paper and enjoying the site scene :).and then…hehe I believe now what my colleague says about me ‘Trouble’ ….my journey from the beginning is with trouble …lol….we reached a place called Lonawala and the traffic was jam…people say it’s a 2 1/2 hours journey due to the new highway that’s been constructed between Pune & Bombay.. but there was this Gas Tanker got burst..and hence the whole highway was jam one could see the vehicles ….so close to eachother…one thing is interesting about the driving … believe me each time am saying to myself… shouldn’t touch haha and he it didn’t …here I don’t see anyone following the basic traffic rules…everything is on common understanding….there is no ‘yield’ & no courtesy driving as it seems its not a privilege ..but a right 😉
I was only zapped as Toronto on the first snow fall day there were approximately 150 accidents 😀 that took place and I was wondering how come here I don’t find one 🙂 but I was really scarred…certain turns and drives that they make it’s a skill ..! Ok…so my journey ended up in 6 hours :O…guess…it took me how long to get my baggage that I reached home at 10 pm:(…yeah that’s why I couldn’t come to blog yesterday ..:(
But believe me…its horrible here customer service is nil….probably what I get in Canada and then when I see here things are so different…am just comparing;)!!!!

Trouble is the next best thing to enjoyment. There is no fate in the world so horrible as to have no share in either its joys or sorrows….

that’s what I thought at the end when I came back with my luggage 😀 yes friends ….I finally got my luggage!!!!!!!!!!
But I will share my experience later…in my blog..!!!! as I have to write so much and am worried if this net connection will allow me to do anything 😉

The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection
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7 thoughts on “Never meet trouble half-way!!!!!

  1. Most airlines in most countries consider it their responsibility to get lost luggage right to where you are staying! But you’re going to love this quote by Arnold Toynbee, considering your 13-hour trek to fetch your luggage:“My advice to any traveler who is traveling in order to learn would be: ‘Fight tooth and nail to be permitted to travel in what is technically the least efficient way.'”So far, you are definitely following that advice! (I hope the REST of your trip goes MORE efficiently!!!)

  2. hey… you were really unfortunate to have a 6hr long journey… it was one of those exceptional days…bt I agree people dont hve basic traffic sense… i face it every day while driving…regarding the customer care and internet speed we are not all that bad… may be its unfair to compare Canada with India… consider the population and the density of population… popln of canada will be 2 or 3 times more than popln in Mumbai… it makes a difference…NO OFFENCE… hope u take along some good memories too

  3. arch storm: welcome to my blog arch…I agree thats what ppl say…:) but then for us..its scarry 🙂 I will not even give a try! Keep visiting!Thnxbombayite: sorry that u felt am bitching..I am not and don’t want to sound like that!!! ….my other experience i will be adding and probably u will find some justice 🙂 am an explorer and will never give-up so soon 😀 …thanks for wishing me the best:)dave: Thanks so much:) your words always encourage me 🙂 I have a lot to add and I will be judge that time about my patience 😉 as so far am exceeding ..lolpuneet: Thanks so much…am not comparing as such but today when economically and globaly things are changing…customer service is something which India lacks…! I will tell you one thing..Mahatma Gandhi has said once …”Customer is god” ..:) I don’t say customer is god but atleast treat them as human 🙂 !!! There is no need to differentiate anything as other aspect with canada or anyother country….its mere basics…what Indians are known for…’atithi devo bhava’ for indians any guest is like god…:) rest I leave it with you to think!NO OFFENCE…to anyone…peace :)I do have good ones and I will not do any injustice towards that 🙂enjoy reading 🙂Thanks

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