Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten!!!

This is a cake…actually the brown leather bag below shown is also a cake 😉 isn’t that amazing.?.I often tell the person who sent me this…that these cakes are good to see..forever..as we will never be able to cut them and eat ..lol..!

To tell my experience regarding baggage collection…I thought its better to be with a bit of sweet…such as this cake ..lol..! …as I reached Bombay airport coz someone from the office had called me to come & collect my luggage…and when I reached …seems like there was some communication gap within..and some started blaming eachother as why did you called customer all the way here…:) …listening to these conversations…I was not happy…as I mentioned my journey was not pleasant..:)..and I jumped up to them saying I was told and hence I made this trip..anyway…seems like they didn’t cleared my luggage from the cargo itself…and hence the dilema …anyhow coz I …was not happy …it made them to go through the cargo procedure…clear it and then my luggage (for some reason) was sent to Delhi so now its a domestic pathway & they had to fulfill those formalities……:) FINALLY, I went to the customs clearance ..since I am a good gal …:D ….there wasn’t any hassel…:)..same way one of the guy who was coming from US…he lost his one bag and he was given his to & fro charges as well…:) where as for me.. 😦 no money….the guy blamed it all on the system and kept me waiting there by giving his own reasons…not to pay …anyway….to tell you the truth …I was not expecting either…but to leave the place and drink something and get fresh…as the whole day since morning (6.45 am)…I had nothing to drink or eat..since my travel time took so much that I didnt want to waste time for eating so I came to collect my baggage and with whole confusion within airline service dept…the zeal to eat was also gone :)..! I left the place saying thanks…as I am sure if I handle this at Toronto…I will get some reasonable answer..! As this misplace of luggage was the mistake of the industry and not mine…all the proofs shows that I was supposed to be travelling to Bombay and so does my luggage :)..it was quite tiresome activity…may be all was hectic as a lot extent the credit goes to the weather :D…heheh blame it all there ..

“Informed decision-making comes from a long tradition of guessing and then blaming others for inadequate results” 😀

Well ..I think…Nothing is more harmful to the service, than the neglect of discipline; for that discipline, more than numbers, gives one army superiority over another

I am content…that I got my bags and I can chill out in this hot weather 😉

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”Posted by Hello


15 thoughts on “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten!!!

  1. acha cake tu buhat khobsorat haywoh kaya hain na kah hum nay socha hay kah GOLDEN JOBLEE pay aap aik aisa cake banwa kay Pakistan bhaij dain na,kaya karian humain pasand hi itna aia hay,pher kaya khayal hay bhaij rahi hain na aap cake

  2. Wow beautiful cake. Shaadi ka cake hai kiya ?? 😛Good job Isha….lekin isko katenge kaise….aisa karte hain 2 cakes banwate hain..ek Pakistan aur doosra Canada mangwa lete hain. sahi hai na??

  3. Wow, Dawn, the EXTENT of what you went through to get your luggage… it’s INCREDIBLE! And even going w/o food or drink for so long! You’re a real trooper.And I want to thank you SO VERY MUCH for all your wonderful comments — they really touch me, and they are EXTREMELY encouraging to me as well! Thank you, thank you, thank you!And you know, I love the way you think, and the positive way you approach life!!!!

  4. arch: I could only laugh…thnx for the laugh!!!sophia: u read it so correctly 🙂 Thnxishagil: inshaAllah zaroor…lekin kis pate per?????mirzaghalib: seems like u r in that row..;) since I dont think this is a wedding cake lol….hehe but you want me to gift u on ur wedding ?????ishagill: u r so true…this way we will be able to visit Pak and see the beauty 🙂dave: I am obliged with all your comments and encouragements :D…I am a believer…& hence the positive approach 🙂Thanks (3 times)…;)

  5. So finally you got your luggage…goodabt ur comment on “athiti devo bhav” in prev post… do visit Indain homes and you will appreciate… i’m sure you would have… your baggage scene is actually yaaks… i agree that some officals and depts are shameless… and there is no match…hopefully the first showers in the city are of some relief…

  6. Oh good to know that you’ve all luggages collected finally :):). Are you kidding??? That cake looks delicious. I would eat it at once.

  7. I so agree…neglect of discipline is the worst mistake a service can make. Customer is always right an they had better understand that 🙂Keshi.

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