Journey from Karnatka till…Kerala!!!!

My journey in the train..was very I mentioned…the provinces that we were crossing were dried places and there were no signs of monsoon…one can feel the heat…even the fans were emitting hot air..! One full day it crossed over Karnataka Province and…next morning I had to take the help of a shawl :) was the first entry to the Province Kerala – Palaghat stations…wow lush green and rainy view…for one moment I felt to jump out..what will happen at the most hehe..yeah guys thats how it feels when I saw the real nature…I could feel that now even if I die..I don’t miss much…believe me that’s what I felt!!!! Tears come in my eyes when I see all these natural beauty that God has created…and we human like kids try to spoile and break it…as a toy!!!

It was cold…and seemed like the schedules and all other managements have been changed for the train…I guess as the Govt. changes so does the policies too ..:) we reached on time and prior to what it used to be (8 am), we reached at 7 am… I was checking if my cell phones are still alive…:) and guess what the Canadian one was…zapped as it showed the network company name and the place!!!! I was impressed 🙂

We were travelling via Ambassador car to our destination…gosh…I found it so small…but all this was adding excitement to my tour..! Its always different when you see something while you were kid and then when you grow and then give a look at’s totally different..I guess…it tells a lot about how much we have grown lol…but believe me…am still a kid when its travelling and via train wow…many times I find myself speechless…word less.but very emotional…I keep asking myself …why I am like this>???

I should be able to express my emotions in words too…but I always find words can’t do justice to that :)!!!!

Initially, I was finding difficulty in adjusting..oops!! did I say that loud..:).everywhere it was wet…and hence the smell of the dampness…and then I remembered my dad’s words…”When in Rome like Romans” ..yes..that helped a lot!!! I must forget what I am..where I was eveything is in present 🙂
Rain…so much I dream and die to play…all my wishes came true..I guess even God was impressed with me 😉

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present…;) Posted by Hello


6 thoughts on “Journey from Karnatka till…Kerala!!!!

  1. <>Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.<>Very well said Dawn, Happiness is for today only. Nice and detailed expression. hapy vaccationing 😉

  2. Hey, did you drink all those tea from all those small earthen-pots on various railway stations. I’ve travelled quite a bit already and used trains many times. But, I’ve never experienced the joy and uniqueness and awesome feelings of travelling on Indian trains anywhere in the world. I’m not trying to boast but that’s my opinion. I hope you’re also having something similar :). Have a great time.

  3. Thanks Mirza 🙂Manish…mein to ghabra gayee thi to pic kaise leti ;)..waise mujhe pasand aayee isiliye socha mere blog ki khubsurti barha diya jaaye 😀kl: dear..whenever am out..I only drink for tea has to be with ginger ;)..and there ws no earthen pots…it was the disposable cups..:)…I think its the matter of likeness and interest…that one enjoys and one doesn’t…nothing of boasting dear…its all in one’s interest 🙂Thanks for not forgetting me 😉

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