Town Tiruvalla to Trichur….:)

By now…I had plans…how to beat this everyone was stuck inside the house..since its couldnt travel out anywhere…but hey…I was just looking for this opportunity…though..the windy climate did make me fall sick with slight fever…and guess what…my herbal methods..saved me…I was all set to go in the rain..though a slight cough was still accompanying me..:)
The bad or should I say good part ..:D my digital cam…ditched me..for some reason it was not working..and I got an opportunity to go and hunt for one..(its a different story that I couldn’t find one ) …but hey that gave me enough reasons to move out in rain…by now I made friends with and hence my buddy has a bike Hero Honda…its not the latest but 2nd latest..dont ask me the model..hehe as I was all excited to rock on it!!!

Guys..can you imagine the luxurious vehicle for Canadians…this was my opportunity…I had to even go and get cash from the ATM and hence my buddy was through out helpful…I must say…I had a friend always with help me and make all the things possible just for ‘ME’, isn’t that amazing!!!! I thank him through this blog!!!

The place that we were staying is far away from city…one can say the real Kerala…the hilly lands..and houses on top of those hills…and hey..I can bet that none of the US or Canadians would have such houses…gosh…what a huge and latest models..that too new ones..all the time it gave the feeling of the Gulf Money…yes…the model of houses were all from UAE…!!!!

So to get anything like a camera or cash from ATM specially when its an international ATM card…one need to travel…:) and as we were driving started raining heavy…my buddy showed some courtesy and asked if we should stop by for shelter hehehehe….biggest and I guess the first time..where I was in dilema as should I be modest or….be myself..hahahaa…oh gosh the thought also makes me laugh like crazy!!!!!!

But…I said ..‘what do you say?…I have often dreamt of this..and now is the chance but hey..I dont want you to fall sick’ hehe..guess what my buddy was like me ..;)…he said I often get wet in the rain and I love to…well I said then what is it thats stopping you…lol…he was worried for me ..for my health…I said how worse its gonna be ;)!!!!

WOW…I can never forget…ppl were looking at us thinking…CRAZY…believe me …I never went through like this …the rain drops are so heavy and big…it was hitting the face like ice the there is a old saying in one of the Indian mythology…’poison kills the poison’ (zehr, zehr ko maarta hey)…yes I was not cold…infact was feeling hot…but I loved that experience..of travelling on the bike in the rain!!!!!!! :D..the water was dripping from my eyebrows…one can imagine..if that gives a inducement to the thought..:)

My most of the time went this way..did some shopping…travelled from Tiruvalla to Guruvayur..this time the journey was through a Van. I enjoyed the small highway drive…ppl watch out and if in the opposite lane traffic is not coming then they over take and…get ahead of the next think thats risky…but needs a very good judgement!!!

I remembered the song written by fav.poet…sung by Asha Bhonsale

‘ek akeli chatri mein jab aadhe aadhe bheeg rahe the, aadhe sukhe aadhe gile..sukha to mein leke aayee thi gila mann shayad bistar ke paas pada ho’ 🙂
(Under one umbrella when we were getting half wet and were half dried…I brought those dried thoughts along with me but I left that wet heart near the bed..) somewhat along those lines..:)

Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.

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10 thoughts on “Town Tiruvalla to Trichur….:)

  1. What do you do? Write all the posts, and then when the opportunity arise and post them all together :P:P:P??? Ok, I’ve to come back to read your others. Oh! I love Kerala. I hope it’s still as greeen and as fresh as I saw, and in those tropical greeness, rain is something sent right out from paradise to enjoy. Glad that you are enjoying it so…much :):)…

  2. Man o man, now I feel like going to Kerala as I have never been there. Actually havent seen much of my own country than other countries globally, I probably have seen more cities and places around the world than the streets of my own city 😦 isnt this sad, I happened to visit Assam a few times(my sister lives there) but tell u Dawn thats an experience, the beauty is amazing and driving from Guwahati to Silchar via Meghalaya, Halflong is an experience of its own kind. I am so glad you are enjoying every single moment over there..All the best wishes 🙂

  3. Barish mein bheegne ke avsar to bahut aaye hain par jyadatar majboori mein;)like going & coming back to my office…..going to railway stationand so on……ar abhi bhi barish hote dekhna jyada pasand hai bajay ki usmein bheegne ke 🙂

  4. kl: dear I was so excited to talk about my trip …that ..this is the best place I could find 🙂mirza: yes..u ought to…its beautiful…am not exaggerating 🙂bombayite: you must go..dont to hear that ‘apne watan ki mitti aur ooski khushbooo’ ;)…hehe elephant is the big part…I didnt sit I would have spoiled the beauty 🙂

  5. hey… me to have Hero Honda… its a fundu bike…aur main bhi office jate jate bheeg hi jaata hoon ;-)… but to go out in rain just to chill out is great fun… never been to this place bt after reading our post… i think i should… cheers

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