Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you….

Guruvayur this place is more or less a tourist place..:) with the temples. One can see the price of certain things which are so high…and basically most of the ppl when they come here they like to buy certain things …may be as a token of rememberance 🙂
I also bought…a simple wooden carved book (single book…like Quran, Gita, Bible),keeping stand..:) Kerala basically has lot of Elephants..and they are considered very auspicious..hence are used in many religious functions and other traditional events. I saw many of them..decked with ornaments and so close view wow…one feels so strong and powerful just by looking at them…its a proud feeling 🙂

We were here for 2 days …frankly speaking here the sun was shining so bright that I felt …this part of Kerala there was no rain…but that wasn’t the case…there were some little showers..but mostly it was and humid…I enjoyed the food and looking at places..!

I was very excited to leave as we were taking train back to Pune :)…yes…this time I was desperate as the train was during the day time 2.30 pm but it was late by an hour due to rain. This time the train was a bit new one with new modifications ..:) yes…like there was huge mirror..where we were sitting and there was a folding table as well 🙂

Guess what…there was one guy who was sleeping at the top berth…who got up and came down to sit. The moment I saw him …I knew who he is :D…yes that’s called memory :)…this guy’s sis & brother were my classmates in grade 6th n 7th hehee he was wearing a T-shirt written ‘Canada’ on it. The guy couldnt recognize initially…but when I said he…immediately said – weren’t you the fast runner in our school 😉 wow …I was proud of myself 😉 …ppl still remember me the sporty woman.. cool!!!!

The journey mostly went by discussing about all my classmates and what they are was good to hear about some and sad to hear for those who haven’t realized the truth of life and arent serious in life. My best wishes to all.

How the journey to Pune ended…didnt realize..but yes…I was glad to hear about some of the old memories which were freshened…:)

Back to Pune and guess what…monsoon is at its full swing 😉

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. Posted by Hello


7 thoughts on “Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air and you….

  1. after reading this post I am thinking a new name for uP.T.<>Usha<> (Offcourse junior)he he he heif u r wondering why I am here my tour got postponed by one day!

  2. sophia: Thanks :)…How r u doing dear?manish: hehe to be sports teacher used to call me by tht name lol…:Dflick: wow…vo aaye ghar me.n hamaare Khudaa kii qudrat hai kabhi ham un ko kabhii apane ghar ko dekhate hai.nplease do come again n again n …;)

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