"Experience teaches us at the expense of our illusions"

Here it seems marriage season on full swing…even though its monsoon time :D…I always wondered how come…!!??!! but hey..should there be any time and moment to celebrate ..;)..I guess not!!!! 😀 and also a common thing when the Groom is going to marry the Bride ..he goes with the procession either sitting on the horse or in the car and …the hillarious part is the crackers…boy…no wonder why its so polluted…one can breathe the gun powder in the air…gosh!!!! Another thing I noticed…now this is not about the marriage but the riding/driving part…gals they cover there head so well that only eyes can be seen (wow..can be fooled anyone)..recently law has been in place to wear helmets..! Seems that’s a big relief!!!! ….Somehow…I couldn’t cover myself so well as I would get suffocated…may be am so much in pollution that …now one feels suffocated with fresh air hehehe…!!! Rains…have decided now to fall in instalments 😉 as now one can see the sun and guess what..went for lunch outside…enjoyed…but the travel was in an auto…:D altogether in that autorickshaw …including the driver were….8 ppl…that was another amazing experience ..I thought 🙂 …in all this I didn’t forget wishing…‘Happy Canada Day – July 1st’ 😉

“To live you have to experiment, to have the ability to experiment you have to have confidence, to have confidence you have to be loved, to be loved you have to love”
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3 thoughts on “"Experience teaches us at the expense of our illusions"

  1. dulha ghodi par sawar hokar aata hain and most of the time he is so scared (if the horse gets wild then ???, its his day afterall):-))))autorickshaws… cool, experiencing the true india… cycle rickshaws in north are worth trying too… cheers

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