Pune’s Traffic is the topic today ;)

Today I went for shopping…:) again the 2-wheeler (scooty), guess what…I ws wearing helmet …as here they have enforced law that for two wheeler commuters..both (driver & the back seat passenger) have to wear helmet or else…………….cops are waiting!!!!!!! 😉
I thought in City Pune 2 wheeler is the best to commute…looking at the heavy traffic..but seems am wrong .. lol!!! Today while sitting at the back seat..I was wondering…what If I was in the driver’s seat..gosh….a cold feverish kinda breeze or what….all someone in my mind said…’my Insurance would have gone HIGH…or….my license would have got suspended indefinately….ofcourse many accidents to add to it..:) !!! The above pic is still a cleaner and neater view….this is a normal and soothing traffic :D. When I drive in Canada…I thought how safe we drive..by looking at the blind spot etc…But here..GOSH!!!!…its real multi-blind spot checking…today I was just wondering….raining heavy…ditches which are already covered..with water…then constructions…then…road blocks (uffff)…..then truck checking in the middle of the road…GOD help us!!!….All I could feel that moment is “The only thing we have to fear is fear it’self – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified, terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance “ Posted by Picasa


16 thoughts on “Pune’s Traffic is the topic today ;)

  1. I love this pic…:):):):)….really laughing harder…gosh! cars are supposed to drive straight, why are all the cars in the picture driving diagonally :):):)????

  2. hey driving a two wheeler is great fun… i just love driving…NICE PIC… a lot can be seen in Mumbai too… its worse during rains…

  3. ha ha haha…that was goodactually there r “n” no of roads and riders… i may be on the road which is not leading to your way…;-)BTW… ur alwayz welcome:-))))

  4. ya if there is a will there is a way… so let me know from whr to pick u ;-)>btw i’ve removed my french cut… so i look a lot diff 😉no bachke rehna… my pleasure..cheers…

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