A soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone

This flower is real and its Rose…a true Indian local one 🙂 but has become so special with the camera 😉 …yes now a days am practising my thought & belief of beauty in each and every element that God has created 🙂 When I looked at this rose …its a simple one..sides burnt or eaten by insects…but the capture of each aspect of it …has given a different look out all the way..:D guys..its not about my photography..its the camera 😉 I think by now Canon should pay me for there free marketing …lol !! Besides capturing beauty am going around the city…sometimes shopping..clothes..or sometimes trying to find the converters so that I can use the Canadian appliances here ;)…driving reminds me …it was not scooty..its Kinetic Honda …:D gosh…when I saw scooty…oh gosh i said nope!!!! My craze for bike has made people to encourage me to drive this Kinetic Honda hehe …driving is not a problem but then..I dont want to spend my vacation in plasters oops!!!!!!
Besides that…am eating lot of sweets 🙂 yes….and one must be so aware how indian sweets are…high in calories …but am lucky that I put on cheeks hehe..hmmm yummy…these barfi’s…there are so many varities in it ….I am amazed :)..so the sweetness in me comes from …haha lol….!

Beauty is not in the face;beauty is a light in the heart
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4 thoughts on “A soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone

  1. enjoy the sweets… they are just wow… i’m a complete sweet freak… dont worry about the calories… u can alwayz burn them 😉regardng ur drivng dont worry nothing will happen to you…just chill and enjoy 🙂

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