"The bud may have a bitter taste, / But sweet will be the flower."

In school I was a great fan of William Wordsworth…he was a true nature’s & romantic poet…! I remember as a kid I used to sit near the pond and stare at the water…the ripples it used to produce due to the small dried leaves falling in to it …and many times the squirrel while eating the fruits n nuts..some of the crumbs used to fall in the pond water…I myself never knew in those times which part of the world I used to be…often…I was not there even though physically I was very much present…and believe me…we two gals …sitting next to eachother…but with silence….no one talks except…the nature :)!!!!
one of my friend ‘Maitry Suman’ used to tease me by the name ‘William Wordsworth’ :D….today when I try to search through my camera’s eyes…it reminds me of my childhood…where my mind always wandered whenever I was near nature…!!! Now a days am studying for my exams…while trying some of picture taking techniques 😉 ! My mum loved this pic the most…so I thought why not share it here …:D…today I went for a long walk…felt good…once again…my thoughts had opportunity to wander around….!!!!
“Thought is the blossom; language the bud; action the fruit behind it”
I often find this…dunno how..ppl find out that am not from here ..:( I tried a lot to fool…today while I went for walking…I dressed up in Indian costume (Patiala Salwar & Kurta)…and guess what..:D I was presented with a flower…hehe…a kid came running to me and gave it to me…(my suspicious nature)…first I started looking around… thinking..this must be some guys…trick lol.. 😉 but nope…very cutely he said…‘ye aap ke liye…acchi lag rahi hein’ (this is for u…u are looking good)..gosh! so cute he was…& before I could ask his name he ran off…….:D
‘This bud of love, by summer’s ripening breath, May prove a beauteous flower when next we meet’
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7 thoughts on “"The bud may have a bitter taste, / But sweet will be the flower."

  1. hmmmmm sweet post & nice pic!jo bhavnayein ek jamane mein kisi kavi ke prakriti varnan se pata lagti thin wahi emotions digital photography ki badaulat lee huyi is tasweer se paida rahe hain!Keep clicking & sharing!

  2. Manish: shukriya…tum nas nas se waqiff ho …aur kya kahoon 🙂 houslafzayee ka bahut bahut shukriya i need it 😀puneet: yes…I knew it…but I wasnt sure if it still exists 😀thanks for all ur good words 🙂

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