This flower blooms for some moments only…but imagine how much happiness and fragrance it spreads…to all!!!! A lesson we can learn from nature itself 🙂 Posted by Picasa


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  1. I posted these few lines at Akruti’s Blog… i felt like posting here too…“Phool ban kar muskurana zindagi hnMuskura kar gum bhulana zindagi hnjeet kar hum khush hue to kya huahaar kar khushiyan manana zindagi hn”— Anonymous

  2. Wah Puneet saab Kya baat kahi hey aap ne…jeet kar hum khush hue to kya huahaar kar khushiyan manana zindagi hn”Arz heyTere Zulfon se mehak cheen keIn phoolon mey Bhant di hum neIn Ghamon ko bhi mita dengeAur khushiyon se bhar dengeJeet huwe ya phir har hongeGham ke badle Khushi to zaroor honge

  3. Wallah..yahan to puneet aur nuyi ki jugalbandi shuru ho gayee 😀sorry but am replying to both :)…thanks for all the amazing words…this is what it should happen…phulon ko dekhkar ghazal aur nazm na hui to phir kya baat hui 😉GR8 Puneet to quote those lines here and making my blog so…important & Nuyi…thanks for ur own creation…its amazing and makes me n the blog special 🙂:hail:jiyo!!!! 😉

  4. ohh gosh!!! keshi its ur love for nature & ur soul…hence !!!boy I never got such a big compliment in my life-time ..this flower is much much beautiful dear…:) !! But all I can see is ur love …am grateful to u!Thanks love

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