Where flowers bloom so does hope…..

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.
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9 thoughts on “Where flowers bloom so does hope…..

  1. Dawn, these are beautiful with tremendous captions. I feel the same way. Feel free to visit my blog/love journey at letterswithlove.blogspot.comYou seem like a wonderful person on the level!

  2. Vinayak Mohanlal { Vinu } : Thanks for ur visit…& yes..you r right about the flower..:)Do visit again!nuyi: Thanks…am using the opportunity to master ;)..lets see how far I can do so 😀 puneet: thanks so much for all the good words..of encouragement!!! manish: shkriya pasandgee ka…waise tumhein kuch pasand aana bara mushqil kaam hai (oops)nique zool: Thanks so much for ur visit & kind words of appreciation. Also, to analyze my personality 😀do visit again!!

  3. i can see yor having fun with the cam these days. good good 😀fiza! cam kaunsa lia hai? mein tou kab se apney naye cam k intizaar mein boordhi hogayee hoan 😐 🙂

  4. flick: dear thanks..just trying to work out with the cam 😉meine canon ka ixus 700 digital liya hai 7.1 pixel wala..really amazing clarity..u can even make posters of the pics tht u take…n movie too 🙂intezar sahi hai lekin itna bhi nahi 😉I hope u get the one tht u r looking for ..cheers!

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