"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

Its raining all over the place..in India..at least thats what is happening in Pune & Mumbai 🙂 …as rain is my weakness…I planned an opportunity for myself to go out 😉 ….went to the city…& didnt take anyone along who will scold …if I get wet in the rain ..;) yes…!!…It was fun …for me but I could see how this rain makes others sad & bored!!!!

I saw few kids who gathered at one of the friend’s place & were trying to keep themselves busy with the toys…I really felt that…these weather conditions..when get severe..can damage the fun 😦 !!

“Children are born optimists and we slowly educate them out of their heresy”

There is a huge park with swing & slides but no use..kids cannot go out to play as its raining…one cant go out & play like me ..lol coz the kids can get sick …& then we all know how it clings to one or the other diseases!!!!

I felt that..I should also join… by playing with them…& I realize kids are much intelligent than what I was at 6 😉 …I can see the child in me has no fear and is full of fun….kids started calling me ‘di-di’ (with respect to elder sister)…& eventually….they came on calling my name hahaha…I can see there was no barrier …no differences between them n myself…:D

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

Times are changing & so are they 🙂

“Children are natural Zen masters; their world is brand new in each and every moment.”Posted by Picasa


16 thoughts on “"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

  1. I do not like rains!Its qt uncharecteristic to my persona ! Why is it soBecoz most of the times we have criss crossed each other in most <>unromantic situations<> (like going to office on my scooter!)Ur quote was again superb! Nice post!

  2. Talk abt some little friends I really dote on…I simply luv kids! Their innocence, honesty, bravery, simplicity and beauty are not simply expressible in words. Like u stated, it’s we who put a stop to the child in us, as we grow older…but I truly believe in being a child all my life…even if I’m forced to grow up, my heart just wont…n I luv every bit of it 🙂Lovely post Dawn, as usual…Keshi.

  3. Rain..ohh how I miss the rain in bbay…i know the situation is bad there..but getting wet in the showers was my favorite thing…plus the bhujias and chai when it rains…ummmmDont have the same fun here coz first of all it doesnt rain that hard..and secondly coz the rains are really cold….liked the quote …“Children are born optimists and we slowly educate them out of their heresy” some what like“I was born intelligent, education ruined me…”

  4. Hi Dawn… its flooding in Mumbai… hope things are better in Pune I love kids… they are so innocent and sweet…i can play with them anytime…“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing” Very well said… Good atleast I still play computer games 😉Cheers… take care

  5. Talk about rain talk about kidsenough reason for me to listen:<>Yeh Daulat bhi le lo, yeh shohrat bahi le lo, Bhale chheen lo mujhse meri jawani,Magar mujhko lauta do bachpan ka sawan,Woh kaghaz ki kishti woh baarish ka paani<>

  6. Puneet u like kids too? me too 🙂 I admire a guy who likes kids…not many guys like to play with kids…n I see something about a guy who plays and spends time with kids…Keshi.

  7. Thanx Keshi… I love kids and I cant resist my self from playing with them… I would really love if u can Elaborate that “Something” 😉Dawn !!! Where are you ???

  8. @ manish: I guess anything that is too much…one doesnt like it anymore…may b thats the case 🙂Thanks!!!@ keshi: so true..I often attract kids somehow…may be its the smile …:) I love kids…n love to remain one 😀 Thanks dear!@ goan pao: Thanks so much..I totally agree with u the rain is not the same that you get in Mumbai :D…am enjoying every bit of it;)@ puneet: Thanks so much …I think there wont be anyone who doesnt love kids 🙂 this is my perception…as I know..one time a serious ..looking..gunda type guy with big mostache n all that..was showing off with his terror look and a small kid in the arms of a near by lady caught hold of his colorful collar and started pulling …the whole crowd started laughing at this..and that guy couldnt himself but took the child in his arms…so kids can melt the hard rock too 😉 puneet kya cheez hai hehehe…so keshi & puneet that something is may be for exceptional cases 😉 I guess so isn’t it keshi!!???@ mirzaghalib: WOW…Jagjit Singh’s ghazal n me going crazy :D…s true..valuable ..which stays with us till we die though :)!!!Thanks!!!

  9. lolz Puneet, that ‘something’ na…ok wait let me put it into words…just for u 🙂something = a very sweet personality abt that guy that touches my soul deeply…i see him being a great dad some day, a perfect husband, an emotional lover, an alluring n sensitive man who appreciates nature’s gifts with a deep love for them…cos he sees the beauty and value of children that I see too…hence he should speak the same language as I do…Am I right Puneet? 🙂hehehe Dawn I think Puneet n I r madly in love n we r fliritng heavily in ur blog..lolllz…sorry dear 😦Keshi.

  10. @ Keshi… ur a sweetheart… Wow that something meant a lot… Very true ur absolutely right… (U think after reading this any guy will dare to disagree)Thanx so much for putting in words for me… coz presumpiton at times is dangerous 😉Madly in Love … my gosh… i’m left with no words :-)>… u should have seen the smile on my face… :-))))@ Dawn… its so mean of you… ur comparing me with some gunda type guy… 😦Dekh Li Teri Dosti !!!!!!!! 😦 😦 Cheers

  11. @ puneet: hahaha dear I didnt compare anyone with anyone ;)!! I just wanted to express how sweet kids are !!!! got it ??? hehehe whatever I have to say…I think the summary has been completed by keshi …hehe isn’t it keshi?????😉cheers

  12. lolz Dawn yep, completed 🙂Puneet can u explain the feelings that put that ‘smile’ on ur face plz? 🙂 So am I right abt ya? Ur all of that ‘something’?Keshi.

  13. I’m not good at explaining my feelings thru words… my eyes are damn good at it 😉Even if you can see something of that “something” in me I’m more than happy about it…Ur “something” had some big words like, Perfect Husband, Great Dad, Emotional Lover… I’m not the judge for it… only my wife, my kids or my lover can endorse it (Wenever I’ll have them)…. I can only say about myself, as an individual… isn’t it 🙂BTW Keshi – we both own a Blog 😉That’s enough on Dawn’s blog… sorry dear… we have taken a lot of ur space :-)>And I’m so happy to know that u were not comparing me with that Gunda kind of Guy… I got ur point… Bachhe bannkar bacho ke sath khelna is such a great fun 🙂Cheers :-)>

  14. @ puneet: hahaha..dear..am glad!!! Once Munshi Premchand (A great writer)…he recently completed his 125th anniversary…he used to say..”bacchon ke sath bacche aur badon ke sath bade bankar hee onhein thik tarah se samjha ja sakta hai” 😉 & I truly believe in it and practise it too 😀Thanks for all your affection 🙂

  15. :)Puneet.>I’m not good at explaining my >feelings thru words… my eyes are >damn good at it 😉then if u meet me u wud be speechless?? 🙂 but i like ur words alot…very enchanting n thrilling 😉Yep Dawn so sorry abt this :):) Anyways thanks for tolerating 2 big fat flirts lolz!Huggggggz Dawn n Puneet!Keshi.

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