"Nothing that actually occurs is of the smallest importance"

Yesterday.. I went to the city and had really lot of fun having some of the corn puffs & veg. pattice etc…! I liked it as …after the shopping I was literally…looking for something to drink…and the best I liked was…the moment you come down from the Elivator to the ground floor ..there is this small coffee stall…where you can get coffee, juice ..& ‘kokam’ Juice besides the snacks..& yes pizza too !
Pizza is something we have when there is no hope of getting good food :)…I remember..during winter time when its heavy snow and you dont feel like cooking and there is no left overs also..that time we remember the Pizza ‘Take-Out’ order!!! ..:D

‘Its not hard to make decisions, when you know what your values are’ 🙂

Anyway, as they say you only value when in need :)!!!

About the sales guy in the ‘Vama’ shopping center…initially when I was asking him about the tops n trousers/jeans…it was the usual experience for me..here as..’if you want – take it or else you can go’ & I have often…said to them …I don’t think you need any customers…& I pity the owner!!! The guy started showing me some turtle necks..gosh!!! its so hot here and I dont think there would be any winter season where one needs to wear turtle necks…:D…I was zapped and said…”pleaszzzze this I have already…I want something for the weather here..since its so hot.”.& probably thats when he realized …that he should pay more attention to the customers requirement…!!!

His service was excellent after that..& he showed me so many different types of clothes and also suggested for some of the better suits & casual wears…I just looked at him and smiled..said.”I appreciate!!!!”

Later, I came to know that the way I was shopping no one here would do so…as my bill was too high for here :p !!! So that means …you only value the money !!!!

“Nearly everything you do is of no importance, but it is important that you do it”

I felt..this is discrimination again…!!! A lady came there to ask for some office wear stuff and he was least interested & just went on as if he has some other important work to do..!!! Why such discrimination when our own Bapuji had said…‘A Customer is like a God’!!!??!!!

Well…I felt like doing justice to this family hence I clicked this mother crow while she was feeding her kids :)..in Canada I have seen the crow in the zoo ..lol !!!! I guess I can sell this pic there 😉

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.;) Posted by Picasa


9 thoughts on “"Nothing that actually occurs is of the smallest importance"

  1. Its funny and amazing how people dress in India…I bought some short sets for my nephews and neices thinking that 8 months are warm enough in India to wear shorts but to my surprise no one liked them as they wanted full sleeve shirts and trousers. Salespeople in India needs lots of training. There was an one act play written by Krishan Mohan called Kitaab ka Kafan…although that play was totally about the frustration of an author but it did have a message regarding the psychology between Salesperson and the customer.

  2. All along reading the post ive been thinking whats the crow got to do withthe sales guy…Thanks for revealing in the end…that would have been a brain killer for me…

  3. Goan pao… ur comment made me laugh :-)))Sorry Dawn, laughing at ur cost 😉I must say… ur experience with the customer care or sales person over here is not improving…I guess in Mbai Shopping Malls are pretty decent in this matter… coz the competition kills…Saying goes: Money Speaks (Paisa bolta hain)“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get” – This reminds me of my economic lectures… I love Economics ;-))

  4. manish: hehehe u n ur taunts !!!! I laughed like anything on that ‘jeev’ hehehe thnxmirzaghalib: I think you understand me better :)…!!!!Thnx for being on my side !!!keshi: hehe yup its hot…abt hot post..hmm you to find ;)…Thanks dear!goan pao: Thanks for visiting my blog…yes I like to confuse ppl hehe am glad it didnt hurt ur brain much I suppose..;)btw, I liked ur name 🙂puneet: hey as long as ur laughing am happy :D…well I did Labour economics in my MBA…!!! I thought I will flunk until I stood first in Univ ;)…but lemme try shopping M’bai and then I will chk u hehe kidding!Thanks!

  5. hot weather and kool post……“A Customer is like a God ?” it should be read as “A customer’s purse is like a God.” ….take care….

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