We do have a zeal for laughter in most situations, give or take a dentist…

A person doesnt need much to be happy…I guess this story may depict that..:)

Happiness belongs to the self-sufficient

Today…my day started a bit early…lol…during vacation time who gets up at 8.30 issh!! I had to visit the Dentist today…!!! My teeth are good…thanks to my ancestors and there genes 😉 and my Dentist too :D….!!!

I usually dont go to the Dentist in Toronto..coz there since all the money is paid by your company…dentist’s like to call you for more than 3 visits just for mere cleaning….since they also feel that the person has nothing to worry …but my question is…where the hell we have time to visit them for so many times..specially the times that they book you for …!!??!!!

“Dentist, n.: A Prestidigitator who, putting metal in one’s mouth, pulls coins out of one’s pockets.”

Hence, I thought of taking the opportunity of my visit…:) I was the first 😉 phew…and hence there was no waiting once the Doctor arrived…!! It was a very nice conversation we started…and while talking I mentioned how I just want to get it cleaned..and all he did was with his tools…inspected and said..there is nothing to clean…it looks good…!! Gosh!!!!! you wont believe the happiness that ran through my nerves and veins and straight rushed through my mind and heart….there’s nothing that can eloborate the happiness…!!!

Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory

I was not sure or was I confused or what…I still was thinking at least he will try something in the name of cleaning just coz am there hehehe…but no..he said there is no need to do anything..lol!!!! Probably, I remembered this quote…

“Happiness is your dentist telling you it won’t hurt and then having him catch his hand in the drill.” 😉

GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to take a deep breath…but dont know I said thanks to him and rushed…back!!!

“Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind.”

Later when I reached home…am thinking …what a fool..I am I didnt even ask the FEE???? 😦

Dont know if this is good or bad…customer was treated so well and look at the customer…just mere ‘THANKS’ ????

Hmmm, I have to retrieve this back…but believe me..whole day I was so happy…thinking every now and then that …I have healthy teeth :D…yahooooo!!!!

It could sound strange …but I think..the kind of happiness that I got or the Doc gave is priceless ..(hey..its not the ad for Mastercard…lol)!!!!!

Dhoom macha le Dhoom macha le Dhooom!!!!! 😉

“This day and your life … are God’s gift to you , so give thanks and be joyful always!” Posted by Picasa


13 thoughts on “We do have a zeal for laughter in most situations, give or take a dentist…

  1. aaj to Dentist ki baari thiPateint se dar gaya hoga bechara:)kal to Psychiatrist se appointment hai na 🙂 🙂haan haan sab chk kara loUS jane ke pehle ek seal laga lena<> 100 % tested & found OK , ready for use <> hee hee ha ha !

  2. I luv healthy teeth n gums…n cleaning is a must…but I hate dentists lol! I freak out when I go there…the dentist is busy talkin to me trying to make me forget what he’s doing…but Im like SOOOO TERRIFIED n as if I can talk anyways! LOL!Nice one Dawn n glad ur pearlies r in good state – smile now 🙂Keshi.

  3. @manish: I will take ur advise!! Thanks!@avik: yes indeed, thanks 🙂@keshi: thanks dear..!! I am scorpion …always precautious :D…hence I always like to make sure 😀cheers!@divya: thanks for the laugh at manish’s courtesy 🙂

  4. DawnGosh…that’s so cool 🙂Congratulations… your post shows your happiness…But bechara doctor… uski fees ka kya hua… agli baar bada bill katega 😉He hehehheheCheers

  5. This picture reminding me of that ghazal by Ahmad Faraaz…..Kuchh na kisi se bolengeTanhai mein ro lengeKhud to huwe ruswa lekinTera bhaid na kholengeNeend to kiya aayegi FaraazMaut aayee to so lenge.Oh btw very nice post 😉

  6. @flick: hehe..thanx dear!!! @keshi: ohh dear…I have no idea about that…but I dont think it has to do anything with the sun-sign hehe…I used my nature to the quote that I read about my sign 🙂 …try to find out..:)cheers!!!@puneet: hehe …yaar ab aur embarass na karo :p@divya: dear…there is nothing to feel bad and say sholly..c’mon cheerup…me n manish we try to pull eachother’s leg.. loltake it easy 😀@mirzaghalib: wow…Ahmad Faraz one of my fav poet :D….thnx so much for such beautiful lines to share here..cheers!

  7. Ummmm lucky dentist… ;pBtw how can u forget the fee thing :X 😛[b]”She laughs at everything you say. Why? Because she has fine teeth.”[/b];p-Benjamin Franklin-@ Mirzaghalib: :O :O Wht in the picture reminds u of the ghazal “Kuchh na kisi se bolenge” ?..as the crow in pic has opened his peak to speak and burst everything he has in his lil tummy lolzz ;p

  8. Ghalib bhai….Kavay kavay mai atab aur ziada….magar ye tou batiye aapko is chidiya numa kavay ka jins kaisay maloom howa :D;pJokes apart….ye akelapan nahi hai ghalib ko….us becharay ki nani muni si suraat dekhiye..sharaarat say bhari hai …is say tou pata chalta hai k ye miyaan apni biwi ko office ka bol kar date par nikal paday ..magar afsoos premika nay anay mai thori der laga di..jis ki wajah say ye miyan unahy sadaein de rahy hain 😉 hehehehe 😀

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