“The mark of a true professional is giving more than you get.”

Have you ever realized….your achievement could be someone else’s loss….your follow-up could be someone else’s nightmare and others marvellous task fulfillment ??? 🙂

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

Yes…currently, I am going through that phase…! In my entire career life, I haven’t come across where anyone could have felt that following up on something…could be a nightmare..!!
In projects we often make sure of any impacts and effects to other solutions or systems…and in doing so…some people dont realize that its for them…not for us…:)

“Things done well and with a care, exempt themselves from fear.” ~ William Shakespeare

People have a tendency to be defensive the moment you ask them a query…dont know why!!!All it takes is to answer if you know the info..or else tell them NO!!!

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want”

It isnt that difficult rather than making that person wait on you till the cows come home…and then on the D-day you call it saying..I dont understand…probably someone else could help you…:)….I think such a person is just a waste…not sharing the knowledge or information & neither helping to get a proper direction..!!!

“If you give yourself to your task at once, you won’t have to do it twice” ~ David Seabury

While discussing some of these topics…it came out as unprofessionalism :D….it kept me wondering…if Managers are un-professionals..then what do you expect from there team :D….
A big learning is always there for everyone..whether its Manager or Subordinates..:)

“A professional is a person who can do his best at a time when he doesn’t particularly feel like it” ~ Alistair Cooke

Always help if you can with information or else..guide them to the right direction …if nothing works then simple say ‘I Don’t Know’!!!! It doesnt bite anyone…!!!

“The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes.” ~ Tony Blair


10 thoughts on ““The mark of a true professional is giving more than you get.”

  1. Alistair Cooke said right. Professionalism mean ur duty and I guess its ur duty done fully that authorises u to use ur rights. Alas not every one understand it. People mix professional life with their personal life and the end result is tempered relations. I am happy that I got a partner who can clearly see a line between professional remark and personal remark.

  2. BTW I will be violation any implied or not implied copy rights and will publish quotes from ur blog to my 1/2/4 liners W/OUT asking ur for permission. Look at my profile pic. am like that only.MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. u know wat buddy in today’s world some people are really jealous of others success n they just want themselves to be treated as boss n so they do not help anybody n actually they fear from being left behind n believe me these people are really blockheads n they just can’t see anybody happy….i mean they r just tooo much….i hate these sort of people….thank god nobody like this around me !!all d bst !!keep writing n keep smiling 🙂

  4. very true…unprofessionalism and politics are a part of corp world…:-))we all face it…sitting on info is sick…as u rightly said… either say yes or no Incase where I can’t share info I directly say them so… let them get the approval of big shots…bt I never latkofy ne1 😉Cheers

  5. Hi Dawn!!Hey thatz very true yaar. Aur yeh such hi toh hai ki – Gyaan baantne se hi badhta hai. The satisfaction you gets when somebody comes back n thanks U, telling U that he/she solved a problem or overcome a hurdle with your help, is one of the most wonderful feeling you can have, really!!And after all, only if you distribute/share the contents that this vessel of your mind holds, will it provide U the room to fill in new things you want it 2 hold.Cheers!!MS

  6. @<>kumar Chetan<>: Rightly said…but am not sure abt personal life here..as the person is not even at the same office site…so its either ignorance or feeling what they are doing is more important than rest of the world :)!Thanks for sharing your thoughts ..appreciated!on violation..:) as long as u say where u took it from …its not any harm 😉cheers@<>neetika<>: Yes dear..am close to life and hence like to share things on the factuals and realities 🙂keep smiling yes..one shd always 🙂cheers@<>sujit<>: Yes vision tells all about the direction…its just the proper action at proper time…:) ! Well said…cheers@<>vanathi<>: Thanks U dear!!!cheers@<>manish<>: kudos to Manish :)…thnx!cheers@<>emotions<>: could be true..as one never know what goes through human mind :)…thnx for sharing ur thoughtscheers@<>puneet<>: dear ur doing a good job!!keep it upcheers@<>ms<>: Long time no see Manish…:) good to see u here and the thoughts…very appropriately added…:)cheers!

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