“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.”

Its been busy days for me with priorities and deliverables…however when it was friday..my thoughts were TGIF… 😀

“Art raises its head where creeds relax” 😉

But today am here not to say about my friday but about an incident which touched me very much.

“Our emotions are only ”incidents in the effort to keep day and night together.” ~ T.S.Eliot

Its about a person who is non-Indian & American…by ethinicity!!! She said she was doing some analysis with regards to her task and she saw this site where they say learn ‘Hindi’ fast….she got curious as in her friend circle this is the field where she cant converse and understand the tiny jokes which her Indian friends crack at times..;) ( u know the secrete codes)..:)!!

“Nobody knows it, but you’ve got a secret smile, and you use it only for me.”

So out of curiosity she went there to check on the site..! Well all this she was sharing with and…other friends asked if you learn anything…(assuming its hard to learn so quickly)…she said yes…there is some word which means ‘please’ and the Indian friend bursted out with laughter..saying I dont think so…there is any such Hindi word for ‘please’!!!!
There were other two Indian friends along with them…who screamed together saying there is…and the word is..’Kripaya’…boy for few minutes the person didnt agree that there is one…!!!

“Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.” ~ Mohandas Gandhi

The language usage has diminished so vigorously that people dont believe if there is any word,…as slang has taken over!!!

“The fairest thing in nature, a flower, still has its roots in earth and manure.”

But it was so touching about the non-Hindi…non-Indian person trying to learn…and a Hindi person not even reaching to a agreement if there is a word that exists..!!!

“Just as war is freedom’s cost, disagreement is freedom’s privilege.” ~ Bill Clinton

It really made me think…what will be the next generation…will there be anyone left with a proper correct usage of language knowledge? It is actually a scarry feeling about diminishing of a language…a culture….a custom ….whole lot of things…which represent a Country…& the countrymen!!!

“Culture is to know the best that has been said and thought in the world” ~ Matthew Arnold

All I could come to the conclusion was we must be proud of what we have…what we can…which others dont!!!

“Being brilliant is no great feat if you respect nothing.”

One must practise the language at least to keep there heritage..& pass it to next generation…as there is nothing better than giving something which generation after generation will keep people know and recognized about a Country ..its culture & tradition…I dont think its the religion that differentiates anyone …its the country the culture the heritage..which has its own essence when you come in the crowd..!!!

“It is not the honor that you take with you, but the heritage you leave behind.” ~ Branch Rickey

Its about being proud of your roots!!!

“The better the people of this century, the finer will be the heritage of the next.” ~ Viscount Samuel


8 thoughts on ““The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.”

  1. prety much we should be proud of what are really rich at..!! Espicially languages are going for a major change. Its better to act and preserve the language and culture by using it often and contineously. only then things will change.

  2. Aah…what a lovely pic.Non hindi people are so interested in learning hindi but we Indians feel ashamed of speaking hindi in front of others…If the foreigners are not ready to forget their language and culture than why should we….We are just like that monkey which always do the same what others are doing and harms himself…..Nice postCheers

  3. wow thats really exciting…non-hindi, non indian trying to learn hindi…hmmmmmmhere people are so reluctant to speak hindi…I was indeed very happy to c ur hindi blog coming up…coz I’ve a love towards that langauge…take careCheers

  4. yeah in india now adays people dont prefer to talk in Hindi always english is language for them.Here in France u can can hardly find anyone speaking in english .i think in one way they are doing their best to preserve their language and culture(but for me its very difficult to manage so far)ur true we need to pass on our culture and heritage to next generation.nicz post

  5. <>sujit<>: yes indeed…!!!thnx for sharing ur viewscheers<>neetika<>: Absolutely dear and three cheers to u on that example 🙂awesome!!!!! Thnx so much<>puneet<>: Thanks for that kind of motivation to me ;)…I like that kinda inspiration ..:)…but being reluctant means those ppl are ashamed of …but thats so sad…!!!one needs to be made aware of…keep loving em..:)cheers<>nagu<>: Thnx dear for finding my comment of some value…cheers<>neetika<>: Yes dear…I think u wanted to add on the above post 😉but I love to take those loving wishes…;) thnx and same to you 😀cheers

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