But the color of truth is Grey ;)

You’re orange. You’re strong and have the reflexes

of a tiger. You’re overly protective, and

those skills come in handy… You’re a

natural person, with a taste for natural

foods (I mean organic, here.). Well, that’s

not true. …Just food in general! You’re

as quick-witted as your reflexes, and

sometimes painfully logical. You love wild

animals and pets. (Preferably wild animals!)

You’re a natural person, and a true child of

Gaia. You’re a stimulating, and outgoing

person. You enjoy making people think,

especially with your infectiously spontaneous

attitude. You’re a generally optomistic

person, with a love for showing off all of

your good traits. Although many people may

see you as strung-out, or just plain weird,

you’re very down-to-earth and humble. You’re

incredibly sweet (as this color’s other

name!), and you care about people in general.

As this color would describe, you’re

energetic beyond all human comprehension.

You’ve got a nack for drawing, and you enjoy

it, too. When it comes to school, you’re a

good listener with an even better memory.

You’re studious… At least when you need to


What color are you? (Amazingly detailed & accurate–with pics!)
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8 thoughts on “But the color of truth is Grey ;)

  1. Hamaara bhi color Pink nikla 🙂Waise aapki bhi kai qulaities jhalak rahin hain is post mein <>***You’re a stimulating, and outgoing person. You enjoy making people think,especially with your infectiously spontaneous attitude<><>***you’re very down-to-earth and humble<>Very true I feel, about Dawn.Cheers!!MS

  2. **you’re very down-to-earth and humble. You’re incredibly sweet…I think those lines were so TRUE abt ya Dawn 🙂 n the rest too! WOW!I will try this soon…thanks 🙂Keshi.

  3. I don’t know how true it is. It’s look like psycho. test….hehehe anyway mine is yellow:You’re the color yellow. Happy and all-around cherrful, you make it your mission to brighten everybody’s day. You’re painfully optimistic, always making it so that the cloud

  4. <>puneet<>: pink….thts something i never heard…:) cool!cheers<>nagu<>: Hey u know thts so good to have…as u guys can be good for patience and thats needed a lot in some stages of project 😉good for ucheers<>ms<>: Thanks so much Manish….its your kind heart that says so 🙂 ..thnx so muchcheers<>vijay<>: Yesssssssss ..welcome to ma blog and pls come again…;)cheers<>keshi<>: Yes dear I had done this exercise which is quite different than this net solution…n its used to know the qualities of the resources…good to place them in projects different tasks 😉check out urs..n let me know…me curious …lolcheers<>mirzaghalib<>: hahaah so true pink is so girlish …lolcheers<>tarun<>: wow thts cool to know…some where near isnt it…its true or false but everyone’s action…mood emits some kind of color always 😉cheers buddy…

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