The joy in life is to be used for a purpose.I want to be used up when I die!!!!

On Saturday ..who would have thought that we will have a glance of what is called death 🙂
Yes, Saturday we planned to go to the ‘Pebble’s Beach’. Its a long drive and also when you reach there its 17 miles with in where you can see different points as nature’s creation….the Bird Rock, China Rock, and the different views of the sea and the beach from different heights…and the thick forest…wow…it is indeed a scenic view and worth watching them!!!

“All great work is preparing yourself for the accident to happen.”

It was awesome with the trip and we were returning back on the high-way when suddenly a car hit us from behind…& then it was one by one the other hits….on the road we had a roller coster ride…believe me…I thought this is it :)…its worth to hold eachother..and say good bye 😉
“Where is the Good in goodbye?”

“The question is not whether we will die, but how we will live.”

As we were in the middle of the road getting dashed by every other car that was passing by….it was obvious there is no return…& a moment came when I felt we are stable on the ground.

“Neither can the wave that has passed by be recalled, nor the hour which has passed return again.” ~ Ovid

Yes, it was a ride for me…some gals were chasing a group of guys and it landed on our car..!!!
The gal kept on saying ‘sorry’ and I was like …saying in my mind….

‘sorry doesn’t makes a dead person alive’ ~ Dawn

This is something I always say to my friends and near dear ones…:) and they all tease me to be so perfectionist….but all I wanted to say to the gal was….there fun could make someone’s funeral program…!!!

“Don’t learn safety rules simply by accident”

And till date the gal lives in guilty as…she keeps on calling to make sure if everyone is fine.

“To take upon oneself not punishment, but guilt – that alone would be godlike” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

The first time I got my driving license I was told….‘Driving is a priviledge, not a right’
I understood what it meant but how many do?
Am back…live as Dawn…yet to look forward for another surprising day 🙂

“Change should be a friend. It should happen by plan, not by accident.”

Last but not least….:)

“Though a tree grow ever so high, the falling leaves return to the ground”


17 thoughts on “The joy in life is to be used for a purpose.I want to be used up when I die!!!!

  1. oh dear thats scarygood that u came out unhurt…I agree with u…<> there fun could make someone’s funeral program…!!! <>thats true…and most of the accidents happen coz of somebody is tryin to have fun or trying to act extra smart…good that ur safe…Cheers

  2. scary one but good you came back un-hurt….but you may be didn’t notice because of accident but here girls were chasing boys quite opposite how it’s on the other side of world…..;)

  3. hey Dawn that gave me the creeps – Im so VERY glad that u r OK – phewwwwwwww! What a loser that driver was…I mean so many ppl take driving for granted and along with that other ppl’s lives too…not fair at all!Sometimes it’s accidents that teach us to be better drivers…altho some accidents dun give some ppl a 2nd chance..I hope the shock and the after-effects of this accident is all slowly wearing away now Dawn…take care and God bless u!Keshi.

  4. <>vanathi<>: Thanx dearcheers<>puneet<>: Yes am safe 🙂 thnx to almighty 🙂cheers<>manish<>: haha aise thore na jayenge hum duniya se 😉 aaye hein to kuch dekar hee jayeinge hehehe…am here to trouble u at least 😉cheers<>nagu<>: Dear thnx a lot…I love this care that am getting here…believe me..huggzzzcheers<>tarun<>: all I want to say is 😉 vadde vadde sheharon mein aise choti choti baatein to hondi rendi hai 😉 yes…here gals chasing boys is not big deal ;)…but u dont even try on the roads 😉Thx for everything dear…welcome to my blog and pls do come…am still live 😀cheers<>keshi<>: om darling..yes am back…had a slight back pain on the 2nd day…but took good care of myself and am bk rockin n dancing 😉I remember in Toronto during summer time…u will see all the displays saying…watch drivers on the way hahaha…that used to be a signal ;)…but these gals were in there 25 plus…all 3 gals only been a year here from Germany…I guess was a lesson for them :)…Rest all is well …am sure with all your prayers and love…even God felt its too early for me 😉cheers & hugggzz to my dear

  5. **even God felt its too early for me AWW wayyyyyy to early! Huggggggggz!I have been in a minor car accident – the shock of it is terrifying more than anything else. Anyways, I’m so glad ur doing well…Keshi.

  6. dawn,nice post it was..Speed kills..When i started driving and now also am in awe for speed..The one thing my uncle had adviced me{he taught me driving},is “Its always nice to be called Mr.Late than to be called Late Mr.”Cheers

  7. dawn,nice post it was..Speed kills..When i started driving and now also am in awe for speed..The one thing my uncle had adviced me{he taught me driving},is “Its always nice to be called Mr.Late than to be called Late Mr.”Cheers

  8. I hope everything is fine with you :|. It’s not a good experience to be hit by a car here when almost all the cars are travelling around 55/60 mph. So, how are you doing? Still in Cali? Remember me :D? Can you send me your email address once more: All my mails from yahoo got lost, and along with it I lost all my precious mails :(:(..

  9. <>Zindagi tujh ko chhuu aaye hum Maut tujh ko chhor aaye humtha waqt-e-aakhir lekinsubko daga de aaye hum<>Nothing can be better than dodging the Angels of Death…Allah ka shukr aap sahi salamat hain…Khush rahiye..Allah aapko umr-e-toolani de Ameeeen

  10. <>keshi<>: Yes it is scarry….coz its something that remains on ur mind for life-long…this was first for me…so…got to take some time 🙂 thnx for all ur love dearcheers<>vinu<>: U dear….its been long time…and good to see u bk…:) whtever ur uncle said is a million $$$ worth advise and believe me its so true…or else what I say is…to reach on time…leave early…:)thnx to c U….be around here..dont take off 🙂cheers<>sujit<>: Thank U so much dear….and I hope u r having a good time with new experiences 🙂 good luck to ucheers<>kumar chetan<>: ohh ji tusi sahi kehande ho…jaan hai to hee jahaan hogi na :)…balle balle..tusi khub keha gaye…:Dcheers<>kl<>: Gosh!!! is this for real…..??? to get u here I have to go thru some kind of accident hmm??? lol…dear its good to see u ….am so glad…yes am toadally fine dear :D…and yes am still in the silicon valley…how abt u??? hows with the job??? I have sent u mail …so reply on 😉 n dont be a stranger …anymorecheers<>mirzaghalib<>: MashaAllah!!! kya khub kaha hai kehane wale ne :)…bahut khub…aur sach kahoon to Allah miyan aap sabhi ki duaon ko sunte hein isiliye woh hum per bhi meharbaan hain ;)…waise sabhi ko har waqt daga bhi nahi de sakte :D….shukriya duaon kacheers

  11. Its good that u r safe back with a post to let others know the impact. Hope after reading this, one will be more cautious when they are on the road. Afterall, life is more precious and I knew that u’ve felt it.Onceagain, its good that u r safe, even after being shuttled in the middle of the road. God is always Great !

  12. <>susubala<>: welcome to my blog dear…its good to see u here 🙂 Thnx for all the loving words and wishes….God is really great ..he has his ways to teach us always 🙂Thnx keep comingcheers

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