“Tolerance and celebration of individual differences is the fire that fuels lasting love.”

Holi the word brings so many childhood memories in my mind…:) in books we used to have lessons why Holi is celebrated….and always in Hindu mythology..its always the win of good over the evil…and I remember how we had to mug-up all about Prahalad & Holika…as there were fill in the blanks to fill or some out of the blue moon question …or else then write an essay 🙂 …boy I used to love writing essay as its again an imaginary ground thats given to you to roam around…:)

“Poetry is the history of the human heart, and it continues to record the history of human emotion, whether it’s celebration or grief or whatever it may be.” ~ William Collins

Holi also reminds me of the flower ‘Tesu‘…it seems in olden days and I believe even now in deep northen parts of the villages do use the flower to make color and for dye purposes…but I always loved this flower for its brightness…an orangish-red!!!

“A Picture of many colors proclaims images of many Thoughts.”

My childhood holi friends were Deepu (Jitender), Meenu(Meenakshi) and Preeti was tiny little baby…but I still miss them…it was all about getting ready to play holi…and we used to have sweets and then we used to play holi..I remember Deepu’s dad used to be serious and from behind from the window pane he used to throw the colored water balloons….and we all used to scream as we used to get cold…!!!

“Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” ~ Pablo Picasso

Today…I want to thank them…no matter which part of the world they are…but am sure they will remember those days…!!! Deepu was my chidhood friend since I Was a kid and later he joined my school and he was my classmate till we went for our graduation…:)
I know he is serving the country by being in Air Force…am proud of him where ever he is he is doing good!!!
This holi is dedicated to Deepu 🙂 and his family.

“If I need a cause for celebration
Or a comfort I can use to ease my mind
I rely on my imagination
And I dream of an imaginary time.”

Bein in NDA (National Defense Academy), I had all the flavours of the culture and tradition and I think thats what makes all of us one…a human!!!

I feel proud when I say here to my friends…yeah ita a festival of colors ….;) as they all know about the lights (Diwali)….we know how to celebrate and enjoy ..!!!
This picture was sent to me by my blog buddy bombayite…and for the first time I am using something like this by sending him just a note …lol Thnx buddy!!!!

“Time draweth wrinkles in a fair face, but addeth fresh colors to a fast friend, which neither heat, nor cold, nor misery, nor place, nor destiny, can alter or diminish”

I actually have a e-colaborate meeting going on…and I realized I dont have to be there…usually I do attend still just that you never know when that important point that you could miss…but today…this color of festival took away my heart from there to jott here…:)…all I could say in my heart was ‘Bura na maano Holi hai’ (Dont just feel bad its Holi here )

Happy Holi to all…:)

“Life is a festival only to the wise.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


12 thoughts on ““Tolerance and celebration of individual differences is the fire that fuels lasting love.”

  1. you refreshed my chilhood memories as well.thanx for that for wishes as well.“we know how to celebrate and enjoy ..!!!truehave a great holi

  2. wow finally someone writes abt the significance of Holi…thanks Dawn!**its always the win of good over the evil..I see…so this is why the many colors etc…wonderful!I’ll be attending the Sydney Holi Mela…I cant wait 🙂Happy Holi sweety!Keshi.

  3. <>nagu<>: am glad dear I could…I hv so many good memories..its just that I cant stop once started to write….:)..hope you had a colorful one 🙂 Thnxcheers<>keshi<>: Dear…its the evil (King who used to make ppl believe that he is God), that tries to kill Prahalad (god’s messenger- a kid) and it seems that the rakshasi (evil) Holika tries to kill Prahalad by taking him on her lap and sitting on fire and they say, Prahalad got rescued and holika gets burnt…so prior to Holi day there is a camp fire (kind), which is in the memory of holika they burn and those days ppl used to apply the same ash to apply and celebrate the win of good spirit…but it was mainly applying on the forehead or so…but later it got commercialized and ash took the form of colors and then ppl enjoyed by playing with water colors, balloons etc…:) I hope now you get it exactly why Holi is celebrated…:) You must go and enjoy as am sure you will not regret 🙂 Happy Holi to you too my dearest 🙂hugggzz…huggzzz …on these days ppl make lots of friends and some end up in relationships too 😉cheers

  4. Loved to read ur childhood memories! Its nice u remember them all. We had a nice holi here. Don’t u have some common function or get together at ur place?

  5. hey ty so much Dawny! What a great story behind it…and only u told me abt it – huggggggggggggz!r’ships? lol I can only dream…hahahaha!Keshi.

  6. happy holi dear(belated)hope u had a great time…@ Keshi…since dawn told u the storyI wont repeating it on my blogthanks dawn 🙂Dawn…Tesu or Kalash was used for making colours in olden days…and those flowers were very good for skin deases…bt unfortunately now chemicals are used 🙂nice postCheers

  7. Dawn there are two ways u can leave comment on my blog one is the normal comments section on the blog and other is Haloscan.Last time u left a comment on blog section and looking for them in haloscan.any how thanks for doing it twice.

  8. yeah.. holi is comething different.. in celebrating it!.. its fun.. and fun..!! Ithink every indian festival has its own plesaure and its own atmosphere!! that makes people to be together..!! Hope you have wonderful holi..

  9. <>sophia<>: Very true dear…rightly said..cheers<>manish<>: yes we do have n we try to enjoy here too…but oon dino ki baat to sirf oon dino mein hee reha gayee na :)!!! We celebrated by booking our conf room…called indian ppl with pot-luck and I put dry-color on everyone …it was after office hours…so went well…ppl appreciated…that this should happen more often :)…it was good!Thnx for liking my memories 🙂<>tarun<>: Thank you and I hope u must have had a rockin one 🙂cheers<>keshi<>: thnx dear…what I read I like to share…at the we must keep the heritage :)..u never know when n where u find…frnds …partners …;)Hope you enjoyed holi by visiting tht place.cheers<>puneet<>: Thnx Puneet…and yes u said it right…but all I remember was to scrub those flower petals to see the color in my hand :)….things are changed now…but I always wish to go back in those olden days…and at least live for a moment…as what our granny’s used to talk about 🙂khawab hee reha jaate hein sab 🙂Seems you had a awesome one..cheers<>kl<>: tauba ye sadgi…oos pe ye..hahaha I can see ur face when u must hv written this …lol Thnx love…u take carecheers<>nagu<>: ohh now I got it…where it went 🙂 thnx for explaning me dearcheers<>sujit<>: Yes dear u said it all…but how ws it for u..being away frm home 🙂 hope u had a good time too …cheers

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