Neverlasting FireWorks-

Little firework, shineing bright
symbol of a 4th July night,
Crackeling, booming, whistleing,
Exploding, going up towards the sky,
Lighting up with one small flame,
Going up because its just a game,
Lighting up the darkened night,
But try and try as you might,
You will not last long tonight,
All is awed bye your everchanging colors
But time is running out
You grow brighter, taller louder & wider,
For your last few minutes of fame,
But you must keep tame,
You vanish because you are the never lasting firework!!! ~ Sad_yet_evil_kitty
Happy Independence Day To All The Nations 😀 around the globe.

I wish we celebrate this day everyday :D….yes thats how freedom should be felt and celebrated isnt it? 😀


12 thoughts on “Neverlasting FireWorks-

  1. Have seen them – they’re out of this world!! Hope you had a GREAT day!!I like your idea to celebrate a GLOBAL Indepencende Day .. once ALL people will be free and unoccupied, I pray we’ll be getting there!I LOVE your pics – they’re very beautiful!!

  2. <>keshi<>: Thank you dear and same to you my sis…huggggzCheers<>anand<>: Gosh, I don’t even remember that…all I remember is Niagara Falls and the amazing fireworks out there..:DHope you get back to those days…and crack some..Cheers<>kumar chetan<>: Thank you and same to you too 😉Cheers<>ekta<>: Yes…festival of lights…no matter where you are the celebrating language is almost same..:DCheers<>kaunquest<>: Well dear…due to 3rd being a really wasn’t a long weekend :D…but yes I enjoyed every bit of it 😀Cheers<>gumnaaaam<>: Hey…am sure after your exams you must be enjoying…good luck dearCheers<>kuan gung<>: yes dear try sometimes..its real awesome to look them from far…Cheers<>I love munich<>: Thanks Karin…for liking everything here :D…you are boost to me :D…keep rockinCheers<>manish<>: Thanks dear…one of the day it was cloudy…but all 3-4 days it was fireworks as kids have vacation too…Cheers<>shama<>: Yes dear…I miss my Niagara trips as I used to go there and enjoy my day with my friends…:D am glad u had funCheers<>vj<>: Thank you dear …and I wish the same to you too …do come againCheers

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