“To win you’ve got to stay in the game.” ~ I miei complimenti

Nice Sunday morning, I was all set to watch this game as to know who the real champions… are 🙂Yes, it was for long France who I felt was dominating and then such a swift…! Am sure lot of people’s anxiety must be high when for a long they were one each and both were strong in defending themselves.

“It’s why we play the game. Anything is possible, anything can happen, and we proved that again tonight.”

The first goal that was made by Zidane …I like fall in love with this player…through out I was cheering by calling his name…thank god…my neighboring apt is still empty ;)!
I fully enjoyed the game just like I was in there sitting in the stadium.

“A particular shot or way of moving the ball can be a player’s personal signature, but efficiency of performance is what wins the game for the team.”

Lot of team player behavior exhibited by the players and when you become a senior player, expectation rises from others. Same thing happened I guess, though Zidane is retiring but I didn’t want him to go like this…!

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”
He has some good things to add in as what he has exhibited from past and history had some significance but am not sure with what he did in today’s match…will anyone forgive for him loosing for emotions!

“Individuals play the game, but teams win championships.”

Finally, I would like to Congratulate Italy for becoming the world champs: D…today I miss all my Italian friends who are in Toronto…guys I love you all and do include me when you are celebrating for winning that cup 😉

“You win some, you lose some, but you always try again.”

In all the referee did an awesome job…I think that’s the toughest job on the ground with the players, audience cheering for there own teams and the media …you still have to be focused and not get distracted to give any wrong decisions or mess any players career!!!!

“You must get involved to have an impact. No one is impressed with the won-lost record of the referee.” ~ Napoleon Hill


19 thoughts on ““To win you’ve got to stay in the game.” ~ I miei complimenti

  1. WellZidane got what he deserved!That was the stupidest way to end the world cup and that u ur last international game!!Whatever happens to these players…why cant they use their brains just when it is required!!

  2. Ah! you have also written about world cup :(:(…I am not going to read it – I am too heartbroken to think about it :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(……………………………………………………

  3. I rooted for Italy from the beginning..Wht zidane did…I heard of news tht he was absolute selfish at tht juncture as he would have been in the game n been able to even strike a penality n he should not have done wht he did and cause the team to loose the World Cup….I was terrified when I saw how he rammed into tht other guy…But great time…Also had a great time as it was Wimbeldon Mens finals n saw tht too..:)

  4. Well, “anche miei”!!Zizou had to control his temper – a player of his caliber and world-class CAN not blow fuses the way he did – he MUST stay composed … that just comes with the “job”! I had wished him a more glorious exit – he had deserved one after all those years … but he blew it himself. And I must say .. the red card was justified!Still … I wish him well and thank him for the countless times he marvelled with the ball .. and we looked in awe – he was FANTASTIC!

  5. Well, I am still on for Zizou. His reaction was a mistake , accepted. But does anyone even think of such an exit from the grand arena? I think the provocation was far more than what we are thinking it to be. If reaction is a mistake, the provocation too is a mistake with regards to the sprit of the game. Zizou deservs a standing salute for being human.

  6. match was awesome and yeah!.. zidane reaction was over!.. we do not know how emotions can take you out of control!.. may be it was his tact to get out zidane!…. Australia always does aganist india while playing cricket!.. its a strategy that people use to provoke and get them..caught! umpire is the toughest job to carry out in such a big event!.. but the refree did a phenomenal job!..

  7. As others, I hated Zidane for what he did after all the respect that I had for him. But a few hours later, I blamed myself to jumping into conclusions. I am sure something bad must have happened that compelled him to do what he did. As for people forgiving him, I think they already did when they presented him with the award:)Congratz to Italy! Viva Italiana! Woo

  8. Seher that was a nice post. but I am still feeling sad and devastated. France didn’t deserve it. Zidane snatched a farewell that he didn’t deserve.all you r quotes are lovely, but don’t you think that one is missing “You can take the man out of the rough neighbourhood, but you can’t take the rough neighbourhood out of the man,” Thierry Henry about Zidane-Matterazi incidentI don’t agree to those comments there and I must tell you I love Zidane for a real human being he is.

  9. <>ekta<>: Yes dear I agree still I feel that he is like one of us…and what he expressed is being human!but then at international level this is not expected from a sr. player…true!Cheers<>manish<>: Yes I also felt that he would have been tough if…:)Cheers<>sophie<>: definitely and indeed 🙂 dearCheers<>kl<>: oooi baba who’s this :D….be strong…dont let your heart break so quickly dear 😉someone will loose only then someone will win 😉Cheers babe<>clash<>: Welcome to my blog dear …yes I did read the interesting post :)…do come againCheers<>scribblez to wakeup<>: Yes I had seen both the matches the soccer first and then the wimbeldon…it was awesomeand yes after that Golf…Vijay Singh’s performance was amazing 🙂Cheers dear<>keshi<>: Yes my sis…he is hot and still in news …lolCheers darling<>anand<>: Yes dear…it was…I was silent for long as this was something I never thought would turn out…at least not this wayI guess we all wished the same but time had something else to proveCheers<>starry nights<>: 🙂 yes..probably he couldnt control his emotionsCheers<>immigrant in canada<>: Sarah, same here dear…am still sympathizing for him 🙂Cheers<>i love munich<>: Yes you are very true…and I totally agree with you and back to your wishes as I do the same 🙂Cheers<>the perfect brewing<>: Yes, my heart says the same but when I think above and over of all this…there is something which always keep those great players above and beyond:)I too salute ZizouCheers<>sujit<>: Yes you said it dear…thnks so muchCheers<>unaiza nasim<>: OMG, look whos here :D….I miss u too dear and hope to see u soon as now my pc is back 😉Cheers love<>shama<>: Yes but somehow I am still not able to hate him..its just that I cant 😀Cheers dear<>hafez<>: Thanks so much dear…I truly share the same feelings with you as I remember Monday no one spoke about anything as such of soccer…and I didnt even want to…I agree with your last sentence 🙂😉 cheers<>kumar chetan<>: Yes you said it..:DCheers<>keshi<>: Hey dear am back 😉 with full of zeal and life 😉Cheers n huggggggggz

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