A Warm Human Hand-Clasp – Mail

I remember how I used to write diary as a kid and then it later got into blogging.
Today I have decided to publish some of the letters that I received and as things go further many letters may come out here as a memory.
This is a tribute to all those who fall in love and write mails to their loved ones to propose or even express love…. The names will not be mentioned here for privacy reasons.

Hi xxxx
Sending you this mail at the early hours of Sunday. Though for me Saturday has passed to Sunday uninformed. I want to tell you how good I felt talking to you today. My story today was piece of what I am and in honest ways how I have visualized myself. I hope you feel comfortable with what you heard.
From what we have spoken I can tell you that I want you to be part of my life.
I can tell you that I want to look at you as my ‘reason for life’. My meaning to what I make of myself. I am not much used to the romantic words of saying I love you, but I know that you could make me complete as a person and I will live to be worthy to show you how much I love you.
That’s the best I can present myself romantically.
Can call me xxxx and send a mail if you feel you could share similar feelings with me.
You are the best that could happen to me.
If you feel I am being too fast in getting into conclusions, please do bear with me.
I have always said what my mind feels. And I feel I need to tell you this now.
May be its best said by mail, But if you agree, I would like to say the same by phone as well.

Sometimes writing does the magic which a person cannot do it in person 🙂
The person had no patience after sending this so he sends another mail checking if I received this mail or not…when the person didn’t get a response to both the mails he decides to make a phone call 🙂
Patience is what we lose when Love is in the air…


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