Life is worth living as long as there’s a laugh in it… ;-)

When I heard about Chennai Express movie, I was kind of skeptical and made up my mind that I am not going to watch this movie. My reasons were that someone who is so from North and the movie mostly will be shot in Chennai and I could relate the settings, locations and the extras in the movie and my summary of the movie was a disaster and hence not to waste my time.

Accidentally meeting with friends and quick plan to watch this movie was on plate and nothing could tell me to say – “No”.

The best part was that irrespective of my presumption about the movie, I was quiet open to face whatever is being shown and to tell you the truth it was hilarious.

I mean I don’t remember the last time that I was in a theater and laughed out so loud that my neighbors could also join in me with it.

Good things about the movie, SRK who didn’t show anywhere as King Khan in the movie… he easily let go himself in the hands of Chennai folks and that really made it more hilarious and made the comedy to be true.
The communication of SRK and DP via songs was something very thoughtful I felt to be included in it. I also loved the part how they connected Chennai and Sri Lanka – hilarious.
Some of the assumptions of north folks about south and the words that they form to convey that (seatam for seat), they do know a bits and pieces of south language was quite well portrayed here.
Myself, being grown outside of south and being from south it actually sets up the stage to understand the joke from both ends.
Another key thing I liked about it was SRK’s movie and some of the dialogs or even songs were well used at right situation in the movie. That really gave more credit as SRK’s movie than a Rohit Shetty’s.

I really didn’t care about the “Lungi dance” song as it seems the over marketing strategy of it took it out of my mind. But I did like the song “1234 get on the dance floor” and “Kashmir main tu Kanyakumari” was another song that I liked it. I was not so much into ‘Titli’  song but one thing I felt like mentioning about SRK is he coped up well with the south dancers with those fast moves. I was really appreciating it based on his health conditions on shoulder etc.
The good part was that SRK was playing his age than a chocolate hero. DP was so so nothing great that I felt about her. Anyone could have done this role kind of feel she left.
Overall, worth watching one time and have a good laugh from your heart.
I enjoyed the Chennai Express ride and I would say it’s not bad to go and watch for one time at least 😉

“Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone” 😉


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